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Tryin' to Get Ready for Football


well guys im almost 20 and i havent really lifted in 2 years..i started in january again though...i use to play football and was going to play some d-2 but my senior year some unfortuanate things happened and i dropped out...well anyways at 18 i was 6'3 295 and i benched 405-425 and my legs were in descent shape i dont know my my squat because i always repped out to failure...

but now i'm currently trying to get back in football shape going to play for a top jc here in cali,first question is i work out at home because i dont have a gym membership and i need to improve my lower body strenght because i cut down to 230 and eventually weighed back over 300 with alot more fat than before i also dont have a squat rack so what are some top knotch excersises that i could do for now untill summer training...also i need to start doing some type of cardio..i play d tackle and o tackle but will move to guard because lack of height...so i was was wondering if i do some jogging how long is too long or should i just do sprints...

i need to become leaner..i could wait til training camp but i want to have an edge...plus you know bein a student i dont have that much xtra cash so nutrition is horrible i cant afford to by nothing but chicken breast or extra protein shakes so i was curious what are some financially friendly eats...


Focus on eating clean and getting as much protein as you can.Pasta and tuna is nice and cheap.



What is this top JC. Also bear in mind that you should be able to workout for free at your JC's gym - just find out the hours of the weight-training classes. They generally have 4-5 hours in the morning into afternoon and one in the late afternoon ~ It depends on your JC. If you pay for student fees you pay for that gym already. More then likely the liberal teaching establishment has spent money recently upgrading the teachers lounge or updating their microsoft word suites on computers 10-15 years out of date.

Just walk in with everyone else and start working. Just smile and say hi if anyone eyeballs you or just nod politely.

Even if you had to pay for weight-training class - which you should be able to still do with no add-slip required for most JC's - it is relatively cheap.

Generally you should be able to just walk in and workout and no one is going to stop you unless you put yourself out there as a nuisance.


I would recommend Westside For Skinny Bastards (WS4SB). Don't be fooled by the name, its one of the best programs out there for athletes who want to get bigger, faster and stronger.



thank you guys for the advice i appreciate it..the only thing is this spring semester im not enrolled due to transfer because i moved..but i'm gonna be attending summer and fall then continue...and the school is san diego mesa..but yeah thanks alot guys


i also thought about El Camino jc but housing was an issue


6'3" is too short for an OT in Cali JuCo ball? Damn.


Have you thought about a part-time job at a gym or ymca?


well i can make it as a juco tackle but then i would have to make the transition at the next level hopefully d-1 so i decided to just make it now

and yeah actually ive applied at a few different gyms an should be hearing within the next few weeks but cali is hurting big because of the economy

but im still trying