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Try to Watch this Video and Not Become Enraged


it's fucking impossible


I wasn’t sure if that was a man or a woman at first.

Edit: TOES?? He’s training TOES!


Obviously the training has paid off. Look at that impressive physique. The only thing that enrages me is that I can’t look as good in a bra top.


he trains toes! also, 2 years worth of DATA?!?!?!


Crispin Glover should play that guy in a movie. In like a Borat type deal where he messes with real people as a fitness trainer but acts like creepy Crispin Glover dressed like that guy. Great video though, I was in a really bad mood until I saw it. No wonder that guy has the comments turned off.


So THAT is what a 400lb “bench press” looks like. Time to ditch my barbell, I’ve been going about it all wrong.


Well, it definitely enrages me. Here I’ve spent the last two and a half years working my ass off in the gym, when I could have been doing a mere four isometrics holds a day and gotten better results. Didn’t you see in video - the guy curled like 140lbs without even breaking a sweat. And he benched over 400! He’s a beast.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting rid of my gym membership and buying one of those newfangled gizmos.


Yeah, but that guy can exert 212 kilos with his triceps. Sneer at that, if you will (at your peril!!).

It’s unclear if at 2:53 he is “working his triceps”, pinching off a tremendous loaf, or somehow busting a nut in his gym shorts.

Still, I’m probably not going to join that guy’s exercise religion.


When he was doing the curls while sitting, it looked like he was trying to push out a giant turd. The sad thing is he probably goes around telling people that he benches over 460 lbs.


His reply to being ripped on about the halter top:

“I’ve had this top for cycling for about 10 years. It has served me well. Workouts don’t always have to be done in t-shirts, or tanktops for men, you know.”


That explains the bike gloves.


[quote]yardbird wrote:
So THAT is what a 400lb “bench press” looks like. Time to ditch my barbell, I’ve been going about it all wrong.[/quote]

He was smart enough to build that machine but couldn’t convert kg to lbs properly LOL


Read his comments below. He stopped working out properly because he was ‘too strong for the gym’. LOL


holy crap, I’m retarded, disregard my last post. lol


OMG I’ve been doing it wrong my entire life…and I never worked my toes either FML.


His CGB is like 460lbs…I want to see him unrack 225 and fail epically. Or even get 1 rep with 135 and die under the barbell


It didn’t enrage me. But it did make me feel inexplicably uncomfortable the whole time.


“I did free weights and did the static contraction too. I maxed everything out (got too strong for the gym)”

Dude is too strong, we can’t comprehend his methods.

“Plus the machine allows you to squat well over 2000lbs”

“I gave up at the gym because the machines hit the limit and it took me 5X more than usual time putting on the darn 20kg plates one … at… a… time. The other great thing is that you don’t need a weight belt because you never lift beyond what your muscles can’t handle.”

These comments are gold.


I blame Pete Sisco.

PFT sucks, as well.


I have read on here that doing static holds or whatever they are called can help build power and strength but to base your whole workout on them has to be counter productive as hell. He even says in his comments that he can make his meter go higher but his free weight lifts have gotten weaker and scientifically he cant explain it or some shit like that.


The host is Headhunter.