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Try to Get Stronger or Lose Weight?


i have always been overweight, and figured that now is the time to change that fact, but i still want to get stronger since i haven't yet accomplished strength goals i set myself the first time i started training.

i am about 6-7 kg overweight, from 19% bodyfat percentage going down to 10%.

So should i try to get stronger while loosing those 6-7 kgs or should i focus purely on loosing weight? i am no beginner, i have 1,5 years of experience.


Ya you should try to get stronger. Not training hard on a cut is the easiest way to lose muscle imo. You will prolly surprise yourself and hit some pr's.

also 15 pounds really isnt overweight(what are you basing this on) but if you want to lose weight clean up the diet and keep training balls to the wall.

good luck


Keep lifting heavy weights. At worst you'll maintain alot of your muscle, at best you might keep it all or even gain some.




You won't get the best answer without posting pics. 1.5 years experience still makes you a beginner, so i'm sure you can continue to make strength gains while leaning out a bit more, but without pics and stats everything is just speculation.


19% isn't too high, but I was overweight pretty much my entire life as well, so I know how hard it can be to look at your stomach in the mirror.

If it were me, I would do a very clean bulk for awhile, gain as much strength as possible, and give myself a threshhold of bodyfat % that I am not willing to go over. If I hit that threshold, I would set a bodyfat % goal and I would cut to it with special emphasis on keeping all the strength gains I have made.


what kind of stats?

i am 171 cm high and weight 81 kg with 19& of my weight being fat, i want to get down to 10%.


Lifting stats and pics would help. But being at 19% you should be able to lean out without sacrificing strength and make gains especially since you are relatively new to lifting.

But not having pics or knowing your lifts makes this is all just speculation based on your wieght and bf%, which is a very SMALL peice of the picture.


Train in a slight caloric deficit (5-700) and get leaner while maintaining/slightly adding strength.


I have had pretty good improvements in rep maxes in pretty much all lifts since i started with 5/3/1, if i start to eat bellow maintenance and the progress stops as expected, will the progress pick up again as soon as i stop with the diet thing or will i have wasted it?