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Try This Out for SIZE!


Hey guys, this is my first post on T-Nation. I just got off of an 8 week program and made some nice gains if anyone is looking to try a simple but very effective routine! It starts of with a 4 week phase that is geared toward strength and ends with a 4 week phase geared toward hypertrophy. I am a big fan of Lyle McDonald's Generic Bulking Routine and I strongly believe in his principles. With that being said, both of these programs are based on that routine but I have made some slight alterations to make a nice 8 week plan. Try it out! I have made some nice gains in both strength and size using this plan! I will attach the programs as a PDF along with some other tips that I have found to be very useful while accomplishing my fitness goals.

Hope this helps!


proof of those gains?


how about people try eating enough and living heavy enough weight?

split your days up so your working a different muscle group each day, take days off when you start being in a shitty mood for no reason. Lift weights heavy enough to hit 8-12 reps, when you hit 12 reps up the weight.

Putting on mass isnt rocket science.


It's a good basic routine. There are variations of such all over the internet. And I pretty much agree with what Jwesus said.


I think Weider called that the "Push Pull Weider Principal".

Did you go to every web sites possible and posted this?


im not sure on the load you would use on 5x5 exercises and ect..


Your right, it isn't rocket science. I'm sick of reading all of these technical/complicated programs that are super hyped up so I just wanted to post a simple routine that helped me make progress and maybe help a couple of other people along the way.


Probably could've done without the sarcasm but that's fine. I just wanted to share a program that helped me out and maybe help someone else.


Nah just T-Nation. Just wanted to share a program I had success with my bad.


Usually when I start a 5x5 I like to start with a weight that I normally could do for 8 reps. once you could hit 5 sets of 5 reps move the weight up. On the 3x8 sets use a weight that you could normally do for 12 reps.


Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think 300 crunches are a productive set for a bulking phase.

Or for any phase.


I don't mean to do that many in one set. I probably shoulda speicified that. I would usually break it up into several sets until I hit between 200 and 300 depending on how I felt. so it usually looked like 3-4x40-60.


Strength wise: My lifts aren't anything to brag about, but definitely happy to see an increase!

Bench - 205x5 to 210x7 - This one's the most frustrating
Pull Ups - 12 to 14
Rows - 175x5 to 180x8
Squat - 265x5 to 275x8
Deadlift - 305x5 to 315x9
Shoulder Press - 135x8 to 145x7
Incline Bench - 165x5 to 175x7 - This is where I noticed the greatest improvement

As far as size, I don't have any before pics but I can tell you I noticed the greatest improvements in my upper chest, rear delts, and quads.


it's cause my way of training is revolutionary AND it's my OWN idea, ha.


Don't be a hater. If you read a word I said you would know that I said this is Lyle McDonalds Generic Bulking Routine with slight alterations. Not out to steal anyones ideas, just telling people that it worked.


don't take this the wrong way but with those numbers unless your female aren't that impressive and could just be chalked up to the fact your taking your training a bit more seriously or figured out how to eat enough.

good work on the gains but give it a few more months/years and see if the program still works.


I think I said those numbers aren't anything to brag about but thanks for clarifying that.


Wow, dude. Miss the point much? You know who I want to see "try this out for size!" from? The guys who HAVE THE SIZE.

Please post pics of progress. Otherwise, we get tired of people with zero results to show screaming about what works.

Every author and personal trainer with a website has a fanboy club. It doesn't mean they got huge.


Is this the guy who wrote the bulking routine?


^^^ Actually, that's one of the main drawbacks of the "keyboard warrior" type trainers. He gives good advice, has a no BS approach and has trained many, but just doesn't practice what he preaches. Such a shame since many more would put faith in him if he added 50lbs...or 100lbs lol

It boggles my mind why some authors don't practice what they preach. Ones like CT got this, why don't others...