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Try This Cycle One More Time

My last cycle I did was

test e x2/w wk 1-10
tren 200mg x2/w wk 3-4.5

I spilled the bottle in my bag and lost it all

I’m going to run the cycle again but this time I am going to run tren the whole cycle since I have two of them and upping the set at week eight and running test to wk 12

Nolvadex on week 15 - 16

But what I want to know is I’ve was thinking about running some decca in there. Not enough to blow up with water weight. But just enough for provide some joint relief. What is the absolute minimum I could run?

The only thing I have against running the deca at full rate is You loose a lot of water weight when you cycle off. I’m going for the clean look. But then again it would be cool to see what I would look like pumped up like that. Just want to get there clean and in due time.