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Try This Box Squat Technique



I did these yesterday, WOW! Definatly a good leg pump. I had planned on doing other excercises for my legs but I was spent after doing these box squats. I used the same weight I warm up with (225) for 3 sets of eight. I planned on adding but after the first set I knew I could not add.

Let me know what you think!


I dunno... I'd like to know more about this Dave Tate character before I start taking his advice. Anyone know him???


is that not how everyone box squats?


Maybe this new style will become popular and catch on.


Squatting wit a box? When will this "functional training" shit end? What's next? Toilet squat? office roller-chair squatting?

I heard of that Dave Tate guy. He's one of those BOSU ball cut-and-bulk types for sure.



that damn tate dude, hes one of thos powerlifter cats huh? dude friggin box squats are everyones workout pretty much if your in the strength sports collum


Wouldn't squatting to hard surface with a weight on your back be bad for your spine?? Like discs 'n' shit?


I heard he's one of the big, fat, unfunctional powerlifters who use that cheater gear because they are too weak without it.


on top of that he uses straps when rowing so hes a cheater aswell!


Good idea! I've been telling my coach I want more pumps in my training.


It'll never catch on.




Guy sounds like a total doucher to me. Let's hope he never gets his own site.




Sounds like someone with special needs who'll never amount to anything to me!!


I know eh? If you use straps when rowing how will you ever be able to let go of the oars and speargun the walrus? It's just not functional.



He probably doesn't even know how to bench right.


My thoughts exactly


Dave is a woman's name right?


WOW you dudes are a bunch of friggen commedians!!! Yes I guess I should have posted this i the beginers section. Sorry I guess you guys knew about this already. My bad