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Try Steps!!?


Well that's what we call em'. You may have another name. It's by no means a new technique, but they work great!

Best done with a partner. You pick an exercise....say pull ups. You do 1 rep, your partner does 1 rep. You do 2 reps, your partner.....well, you get the idea.

See how high you can get, then come back down. Great exercise for beginers, and advanced. Plus, there is the competitive factor that pushes you even further.

You'd be surprised how many reps you can do in about 10 mins.


I like to call them "I go, You Go". However, i have never done them with pull ups. I usually use that technique at the end of a bicep routine to finish them off. You get an insane pump and the bis are ripped for days.


That is fun to do once in a while. However, for serious gains I don't like that method. I think that it brings the average trainee to failure far to frequently.

There are far better ways to train.


I've never thought of anyone here as an "average trainee".

However, I think you're missing the point here Zeb. You're not supposed to train like this everyday, but it's great for strength, and VARIATION!

This is really just a twist on the classic rest/pause principal.

If you use this method of training on a body part, or specific exercise that you may be having difficulty with, I assure you that you will improve, AND see great results.

Even if you work your way up to 7 reps, then back down again. That's almost 50 reps. And, because the rest time is very quick, you are also working at a higher intensity then you normaly might.

I know guys that have been training for years, and still can't do 50 pull ups in under 5 mins. Can you?

Try it with heavy squats, to get the "serious gains" that you're looking for, or dead lifts.

Or, try it at the end of your workout with a finishing exercise with a lighter weight, like mentioned above.

Don't be so quick to dismiss something, just because it's not part of your routine. This site is about learning, and growing.


These are what Pavel calls "ladders".

I've never worked out with a partner, but I'd like to try it for a while just to see. I could emulate it by myself, but that doesn't have the same motivation as having a person there competing with you.