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Try Bulking?


24 5'9" 152 lbs

Lifting and eating clean for over a year now, wondering if I should give bulking a try.


good job. it depends on what your goals are. how big do you want to be? a clean bulk would serve you well.




You look very flat. Like paper flat.


Good myspace pic. Now what about the other three?


Just because you have visible abs doesn't mean you have a physique worth posting here.

You have the potential to build a good physique. You need about 40 pounds of MUSCLE though. With the amount you weigh the question of 'if you should bulk or not' almost sounds trollish. Don't worry about clean food or dirty food (whatever that means).

There's no way you'll gain fat even if you eat burgers and fries every day. Start getting half of your cals from carbs and 200 grams of protein per day. Keep upping the calories until you are gaining 2 pounds a week for a while then start adjusting. You can easily carry 195 pounds on your frame before you need to start worrying about clean or dirty foods.

Please go eat something.

You'll get a rating after you post the proper amount of pics, but I have a feeling you aren't sporting 28 inch quads or anything...


please. eat something.

  1. Yes... Definitely
  2. Post a pic with NORMAL lighting, not flexing.


Yes, get some meat on your bones bud! Eat everything and anything you can find.


so hawt!!!

wtf..why do people keep making RMP's like this?


I hate when people make bulking sound like this crazy hard to do thing that you have to try. ALl bulking is is eating enough cals to grow so unless your cutting why wouldnt u be bulking? Dont you want to grow and increae weight?


And they use their 1st post to do so...

Perhaps their friends stopped giving them compliments once they realized that these people have the collective intelligence of a door knob.

The world needs paper weights I guess.


Post a legs shot. I want to laugh some more troll.


you'd be crazy to keep bulking

at 152 lbs you're in major need of a cut


He looks like the guy in your avatar from rocknrolla

for those of you that haven seen the movie, the guy is a crackhead.

Seriously though, good for you, ure not fat or anything, u have potential but go bulk up clean and throw some muscle on your frame.


You're in excellent shape, but 15-20 pounds of muscle will make a big difference in your physique. I think you may be bigger than that angle seems to suggest though. Throw some more pics with the compulsories. I see some good potential.


Perfect candidate for a bulk.


Try bulking? More like, Try Bulking!!!!!


Are you wearing eyeliner???


its called guy-liner