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TRX Trainer

So we’ve got some of these at work and I don’t really see the point. There’s really not anything you can do with them that you can’t with “regular” training, so far as I can see. Even if there are, what makes it better than an old set of chains looped over the power rack?

Does anyone use these for circuit type training, or anything else for that matter?

Atomic pushups are great. The biceps curl feels good. You probably can’t do more than 5 1 legged squat jumps at a time. The core stability needed to do some of the things such as a incline press or atomic pushup is very intense. Throw in some planks very difficult. Feet suspended with all of your weight on one arm doing a side plank good luck. I have a pair and they are by far my favorite toy. Do I use them at the gym every day? No but I take them with me on bike rides to throw over a tree branch or other structure. They are also great for low impact things such as one legged squats if you ever want a squat workout while basically giving your back a break.

I’ve got a tow rope - like 10 metres of webbing strap with loops at either end for towing a car. It cost me 15 bucks and I’m able to do most things on that which you can do with the TRX.

I loop it over the chin up bar on my rack or to use it inside, roll up a towel, wrap the strap around the towel (however many loops around the towel as you need to get to your desired length) then throw the towel over one side of the door, the lengths of strap over the other side and shut the door. The towel anchors the strap and since it’s soft, doesn’t damage the door/frame.