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TRX Suspension System

I keep seeing ads and features for this thing on Military.com and a few of the Navy SEAL websites I visit, claiming it’s the most revolutionary fitness tool ever invented. Of course I know this is a hyperbole just to get you to buy it, but has anyone here used one of these or own one? I’m just curious.

[quote]TeebO wrote:
claiming it’s the most revolutionary fitness tool ever invented. quote]

its a good tool that you can do a lot with but not what it is marketed as.

i’ve used it and so has my team. they use it for single leg squats a lot and i have used it as a replacement for other exercises at times. you’d probably be surprised how much you can do with it. comes with a packet of exercises.

i like em, they are just like blast straps…only a lot more expensive and adjustable.

There a great workout once in a while. Il ike to take them with me on bike rides and then throw them over a tree branch. The high biceps curls feel awesome and one legged sqauts are nice too. Atomic pushups will kick your ass the most I’ve done is about 15.

At the Arnold the guy who won a pair did 80 or 90. They are no replacement for heavy ass lifting but its a great way to get a good workout while giving your joints a break.

I’m honestly somewhat surprised to hear all positive reviews. I’ll look into getting a set.

i tried one at some stupid fitness expo… i would definitely buy one if i had cash to waste… alot of cool things you can do with it and ya it’s like blast straps.

i’d just use it for assistance/core stuff… it definitely can hit your core very well.


You can get a good set of gymnastics rings for half the price. I don’t get it.

It has its place as much as any other “system” does. I’ve had my TRX for about a year. My club picked up 6 more after watching me training my clients with it as it originally sparked interest. Possibly because it looks like a sex swing? “Oh, wait, I have to do a push up, then oblique knee tuck. I’ll pass.”

For most exercises there is simply not enough overload to consider this a very valuable peice of equipment. It’s handy. Easy. But serious chest development out of it, yea right.

Where the TRX shines is in the core work. So I teach a once a week class (mostly all my clients so I don’t have to do addtionaly ab work with them during the rest of thier week) which consists of 10 min dynamic warm up, 25 mins TRX ab/core exercises (usually quadplex’s or supersets), 10-15 mins ground/ball/other ab/core work, 4 minute Tabata (thrusters, heavy bag bear hug lifts, etc), 6-10 mins stretching post workout.

Try doing this circuit (no rest between exercises, 90 sec rest between sets) thrice through and tell me you don’t have to log roll out of bed the next day:
15 reps Push Up to Knee Tuck
15 reps Jack Knifes
10 reps Pendulums/side (on hands)
10 reps Buzzsaws (on forearms)
60 second Plank

Oh, and 1 leg squats - definately rockin’ on the TRX.

These are basically blast straps as stated above…Im a Marine stationed on Camp Pendleton and the fitness centers here on base all have them…the interesting thing about these is that they are made to attach to anything such as trees, tanks, they even have an attachment to hook them into a door sill.

They are being used alot by units on base and also sent to iraq and in the field so that troops can use them when they dont have access to a gym