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TRX Replacement Parts?


HI all I recently got a free pair of TRX Suspension trainer straps http://www.fitnessanywhere.com/category/TRX...thing is the foam handle piece is totally worn. Trying to find replacement parts with no luck or if anyone has any good fix's I'm open to any ideas... thanks ahead of time


Duct tape!


^ This holds the world together and fix anything. I could show you a study that it even cures warts.


i dont have the TRX Straps, i have the Blast Straps, i know there are differences but i went to a local Mountain Climbing store and i was able to use climbing Clips as replacement parts..as a matter of fact, i went back there with one of my friends, and we were able to create our own "Blast Straps" out of climbing rope and clips and shit....

he had two of the Handle attachments for lifting, but everything else we got from them...they actually look really sick, we used like Neon Green/Black rope rated up to 2,000lbs, and the clips were Black/Orange...they work exactly the same as the Blast Straps, but look much cooler haha...i guess my point after all this was to check out a mountain climbing place, worked for me...


after looking at the picture of the TRX straps i guess my idea doesnt really help at all cuz they are pretty different from the Blast Straps haha sorry about that..nonetheless, my idea is a good one!




My friend and i did it over the summer while he was home from college, he goes to college up in Rhode Island and he brought them up there with him...if i cant get him to snap a few pics for me, ill make sure he brings them home for Thanksgiving break and ill create a thread and post them...they are really really sick haha sorry


Sounds good man. I have the TRX Straps and the Blast Straps. I would be interested in seeing the homemade versions.