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TRX Questions


So we are trying to grab some more attention to our TRX area. Last year it was a bust, they didn't have anything to help advertise these things. I was just hired at the gym here and am in charge of trying to get more attention. The problem is people don't know what to do on it other than pushups, crunches and rows (or pullups, which looks beyond stupid). Anyway. I have a laundry list of exercises to put together, some from TRX resources and some of my brain children (like the dick's press, which is one hell of a finisher).

I'm not asking you guys to do my job for me, but I wanted to see if there was an exercise or 2 that you thought were intriguing or very hard to do (that was manageable, some exercises just shouldn't be performed on the trx).

Thanks ahead of time.


I too am the "main" TRX guy at my gym. Best way that I've found to get it out there is to let people have a free demo. A 20-30 minute session to tell them about it, show them exercises they wouldn't have thought about using on there, show them the importance of proper form, but most importantly, show them what they can't do (in a nice way of course) so that they "respect" the TRX. A lot of times (guys) people think the TRX is for wimps and that it's easy and doesn't apply to them; I can change their minds in no time by putting them in a challenge movement and telling them exactly what they should or shouldn't feel.

TRX demos are a great start if you have not done that already. Are members open to using TRX on their own, whenever, or is it a payed service (training)? Ours is strictly for training. We also have small group TRX training. We also use it in bootcamps.

Let me know if you have any questions as I hardly covered anything.

And tell me about this Dick's press! (unless you are joking...)

I love the vertical Pallof press.


Its open to everyone in the gym. It's a college gym, but a nice one with great staff that are great people. We just expanded it and the TRX was something we added then. If interested, there are some photos of the area. http://www.recsports.vt.edu/fitness/training/exercise_pictures.php?strength_pk=10 A demo might actually be a good idea given the area its in.

Our biggest problem, we think, was that no one knew how to use it. We added the 3 posters from the TRX website because it's streamlined and looks clean, so they can do more than 3-4 exercises that are only used. We are doing a TRX challenge and doing a classification. The challenge (still in the works) will be something for give aways, like T-shirts saying "I beat the TRX challenge", us college students love free clothes anyway. We are going to do a hand full of exercises and reps to beat to get the prizes (T's, bottles, cliff bars, whatever is left from out sponsors mostly haha).

The classifications (beginner, interm. adv. and elete) are going to be certain exercises for a certain amount of reps. It's just going to be a poster, no prizes or anything, just a competition with yourself mainly. People like challenges like that, wanting to know how they rank. I'm going to have some of my trainers and get the group ex instructors to do them and try to gauge where the rankings should be.

If you have any other thoughts or important advise I'd love to hear it.

The dicks press is just like the bench version. Grab the bottom strap, not the handle. Do a skull crusher to the face or neck area, then move your hands to your chest and press. All the same benefits of a dicks press like no concentric on the skull crusher. Just something that might have worked and seemed to work out better than planned.

I like the pallof press too, but I think you have to have good abdominal control or it wont work. none of my coworkers (mostly group ex-zumba, bodypump type stuff) could get anything out of it. either it was too hard or they didn't feel it.


I've been in a few gyms with the trx set up and the areas never get used. It doesn't seem like a good investment......it sounds good for a gym to have the coolest sounding stuff but trx is just unappealing to a lot of people.

I did the demo at the arnold classic and just felt stupid. The only reason anyone went to the trx booth was the girl running it. Her ass was perfect....

Sooo you should become a hot chick with a nice ass and wear yoga pants....id come and do trx with you then.


(Warning this long winded answer is fuelled by HOT-ROX)

Being in the military. I can tell you most of my fellow operators never knew about the TRX until I showed them how challenging it was to do some of the exercises and how easy it was to transition to other exercises. It has become so popular in our unit we don't even have to buy them anymore we can sign them out. And we are talking special operations here. Not pencil pushers. And these boys were complaining how sore they are after they tried it.

But I think that is the key. It is challenging and easy to use and set up. Resistance is unlimited. after body weight you have weight vests, k-bells etc. Create a demo that shows the different facets of it. Also a TV playing the Military Fitness workout would grab peoples attention. As soon as you see special forces guys jumping out of planes in the intro any Testosterone bound guy will want to try it.

I think this piece of equipment would thrive in a group setting as well.

Maybe find a military operator that is familiar with the TRX and put people through a "boot camp"

And if you have kettlebells in the gym. Challenge those guys to some of the exercises that are on the Iron circuit DVD. Or the ropes and straps video.

If people see the exercises playing on a flat panel near TRX station maybe it would draw them in.

This may be even more extreme. But our gym at work has a computer hooked to the flat panel and we just pick exercise demo's from a list when we need them. Something like that could make it easier to stick with it.

As always most of the general public have tunnel vision in life.

Good Luck to you sir.


What is the purpose of TRX? Is it going to pack on muscle? I'm trying to figure out how it would be used in my workouts, as a replacement for isolation exercises.


Wow, one post in almost 10 years?


Nice! No not much of a poster. I am deployed to much to keep up on threads so I haven't really bothered.... But with the new homepage format I may post more as it has the latest threads are right there.


Strap / Ring training is nothing new. We all know this. But the exercises that the TRX guys/ and others have created and make it unique in that sense.

Isolation. The best isolation that I enjoy with the TRX is the all the delt raises and flys. You can work your shoulders in a 180 degree arc. The one arm power pull is pretty good for the back and if you add a kettlebell /dumbell to your free hand you really crank the resistance. Of course you can do curls and tricep extensions as well with it. Single legs squats (pistols) would be great for leg day. Single leg hamstring curls would be good as well. Youtube has many videos as well as the TRX site.

Once you play with this thing you realize the potential. Just mess around with it.


Ha ha well I don't have $200 to play around with :slightly_smiling:

So you're doing exercises that cannot be replicated with a cable pulley? I can see how the setup is faster, but the actual movement is what I am interested in. My gym has a free motion cable system, which "seems" to be similar in function. I'm sure I would not be able to do any of the one-legged exercises.


I have a TRX and I think they are great but the only time I use it is when I can?t get to the gym or I want to do some abs work

The TRX's main benefit is how portable it is, second I would say is the ability to switch between exercises quickly, third is that it hits muscles in a different way.

I see it as similar to Kettle bells, great when you know how to use them, borderline useless if you don?t. Gyms are far too quick to jump on the latest fad and push aside real weights for a gimmick.

My recommendation is create an intro class for the TRX. Make it free so that people will join in and give the TRX a try. Then if your gym is looking to recoup some of the money you could offer more advanced classes for a fee. The advanced classes can focus on one aspect in a more advanced way such as a fast paced circuit for fat loss or a core based workout.


I'm a trainer at UF and we have a similar area for TRX. I may have missed it, but I know that one excercise I use to blast my rhomboids is a sort of straight arm back fly. You hang on the TRX and the closer to parallel to the ground you are the harder it is.