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TRX Program?


Hi, Im interested in starting a program with the new TRX I just got. I know some workouts, but not a specific program with sets,reps,rest. Im looking for muscular endurance, So im sprinting aswell.If anyone can give me advice on this it would be a life saver.


I would advise selling your TRX and using the proceeds to purchase a gym membership or a used Olympic weight set on craigslist.

If you are intent on using this device, why not just follow the instructional DVD or whatever it includes?

If you want a better answer I would suggest giving more information about your specific goals, not to mention some stats about you and your training history.


WellIm 150 lbs, 5'7" BMI,24.7%I have been training for 4-5 years,have some decent history in training(deadlifts,squats,bench press). Im currently trying to lose body composition and improve my strength with just bodyweight training before I hit the barbell training.


Did you buy it? I was looking at buying one a few years back but couldn't believe the price. I went to home depot and bought a couple of lashing straps, commercial carabiner, six inch pipes, and heavy duty eye-screw...presto! Homemade TRX that cost $20. Eventually, I bought proper handles off of amazon for like $5. Soldiers in the desert actually created these from scratch, that's where the idea came from.


Yeah I bought it yesterday, havent gotten the chance to use it yet. But the feel of it and from what the eye can see, it seems top quality. I mean thats really cool what u did. Damn talk about innovative and creative :slightly_smiling:


Are you sure "muscular endurance" is what you meant to say? Because muscular endurance has very, very, very, very little to do with building size or strength.

So you want to get into shape before you get into shape? Alrighty then, sounds legit.

In your other thread, you said you're starting to use Indigo, doing intermittent fasting, and eating one meal a day. I think you're going about reaching your goals inefficiently, at best. The TRX can definitely be useful, but if you're intentionally avoiding free weights, you're shortchanging your results in a large way. And in your current shape (high bodyfat and in need of muscle), one meal a day is simply not the best approach.

This article should give you enough to get started;
And there's zero reason to neglect leg work. Rear foot-elevated split squats, TRX-assisted pistols, and the SHELC (basically a lying bridge and leg curl) are some lower body mainstays with the TRX.

Also check this for some gymnastic-based movement progressions:

Can you clarify what you mean by "decent"? What are your bests in the basic lifts?


What I meant was, that I have had my own experiences with some compound excercises. Front squats,Goblet squats, Deadlifts,Stiff legged Deadlift,Lunges, all the main lifts I have done. I personally and honestly can tell you I would need to be assessed while undergoing these movements by a proffessional. but I can also say Im not a newbie.

I know that I want to strengthen myself with the TRX to pick up on my lagging body parts before I pick up a barbell and put more load on myself and worsen my state. I know that with the TRX I want to improve endurance , and be strong enough to withstand my body weight.


My best lifts
Bench press-150 Lbs
Front Squat-150
Barbell Row-75Lbs


Start lifting weights.

Use TRX for accessory.


You are. Undeniably. That's definitely not a bad thing, but thinking you're not a beginner when you are is what gets a lot of guys into trouble.

"Lagging bodyparts" means that you have some exceptional or above-average bodyparts. You have no lagging bodyparts, so it's in your best interest to approach your current training without worrying about that.

Worsen what state? Was there an injury not mentioned? Or do you just mean being out of shape? (I feel like there's probably a little language barrier here, but still, I think you're misunderstanding some basic training ideas.)

If you've decided to only use the TRX, refer to the articles I posted. That's the best help you can get for that. Just understand that the way you plan to eat and the way you plan to exercise won't really get you much closer to your current goals.


Are you just embarrassed to go to the gym because of your perception of your current strength levels or bodycomp? I can assure you that you don't have to worry about it. Everybody starts somewhere, including those who have achieved much more than average. They have all been where you are at right now.

You will see rapid improvements if you stick to a good diet and training plan. No one will judge you other than the ones who fail to progress year after year. Their opinions aren't worth shit anyway. But currently most of them are too busy trying to spot fake natties to notice you.


Chris, with the internet being the way it is, intent gets lost a lot. Are you being facetious with this quote?


Heres the thing I started working out to lose weight, I prevously weighted at around 240Lbs. I lost weight because I jumped into cardio and lifting weights that were light.I lost weight yes, but I could never get all of it off(midsection). During that time period I just worked out, benchpress,dumbell curls, pushups, and chin ups with steady state cardio I didnt wirk my back and core at all.every day and this process was for about 5 months.

I have tried dirty bulking and failed to gain muscle and gain core strength.and gained 15 lbs in a month. I manged to clean up from the failed bulk at start up again. So I honestly kind of frustrated and trying to strengthen my core and back.all I really know to do is lose weight and come from mainly muscular endurance.I would like to start fixing the imbalance in my back, and lack of strength and stabilitywith the TRX.

I know Im a beginner, I just meant Im not starting blank headed in wanting to do TRX instead of barbell excercises. I need guidance and someone to point me out in the right direction really. Thats why Im in this forum.


Oh boy...

Now this looks like a cycle of "doing shit my way despite everyone else's advice to the contrary and getting sub optimal results... and still not listening to advice."



That's great work, for sure. But did you go from 240 to 150 in five months or did I misunderstand that part?

You couldn't get all the weight off because you didn't build any real muscle in that time. Lifting light weights and doing lots of cardio leads doesn't tell your body to build any lean mass, so you don't permanently increase your metabolism and never really re-shape your physique for the better.


Bulking, let alone "dirty bulking" and gaining just over 2 pounds per week, was the last thing you needed after that kind of weight loss. Anyone could've told you that.

In three different threads and 9 posts, this is the first time you're mentioning a back imbalance. If that's something you want to fix, then it's a huge variable in how you should be training.

You need to pick a goal - one goal, fat loss or strength or fixing your back issue or whatever one thing - and work towards it for a few months with a well-designed training and nutrition plan.


Interesting. It's actually an idea that's pretty supported in the powerlifting community. Dave Tate spoke about it here in his article Iron Evolution Phase 9


It's also touched upon in his "Education of a Powerlifter" series. I've been advocating for the idea as well with new trainess. I find many get into weights before they have any sort of basic athletic foundation to work with, and tend to stall really quick into their initial weight training. There are so many threads of people starting something like Starting Strength of Stronglifts and stalling within weeks, and usually the solutions are contingent upon staying with those programs at all costs, rather than doing something else.

I really like the TC's idea to do TRX first, I just don't have any TRX programs to contribute.


Well I thank all of you for your advice and time taken to help me. So now I know that Im looking to make a program focusing on bodyweight strength,stability, and strength. Ill be looking to utilize my Trx(Chest flys,Dips,Rows,Pullups,Bodyweight curls, and tricep extension from and core stability excercises(Birddogs, side planks) and sprinting intervals(30 second sprint followed by 30 second rest.

I just need to organize with order of excercises,scheduling of excercises on workout days and none. I wanna do a pyramid rep scheme but Im lost for rest and sets. Any advice? Hopefully im more clearer now than I was before I apologize for that


1a) Bulgarian split squat - 3-4x5-20
1b) pull up - 3-4x5-20
1c) TRX dips - 3-4x5-20

Perform this as a circuit with one minute rest between exercises.

1a) TRX leg curl - 3-4x5-20
1b) TRX row - 3-4x5-20
1c) TRX push ups - 3-4x5-20

Same rest periods.

Train three times a week on non-consecutive days, alternate the workouts. Don't go to failure, control the movement. Track your reps - once you can comfortably get 4x20 on all exercises, you are well-prepared for weights.


And I talked about it here:
However, with the case of the guy in this thread, I didn't see it as an issue of a foundation necessarily needing to be built. I see it as a guy who basically doesn't know how he wants to train or what he wants to train for.

He putzed around with light weights during his fat loss (and he did say he built some basic strength gains with free weights). And he bought a TRX, not like it's hanging around his gym and he wants to try it out here and there. So if he's going to use only the TRX, that's fine as long as he does it smart.

I just don't think he "needs" to use the TRX to get into shape before progressing to free weights. Based on what he said he's done in the past, he'd be fine jumping into a well-designed weight training plan.

Nighthawkz just wrote gold. I'd plan on sticking with that routine for at least 8 weeks.


This does not clarify what your goal is.

Answer this with 1 letter:

"My goal is to get _________:"
a) stronger
b) leaner
c) bigger
d) a rehabilitated back