TRX Elevated Pushups and Lower Back

I did some TRX elevated pushups with a 5kg /11lb vest toaday with pushup handels for extra range. I’m 15 stone 5 now so 215lb.

1 set of 8
1 set o 10
1 set of 6

They were quite hard and I had to brace myself to finish a lot of the reps.
Also later tonight I can feel my lower back a little, not injured but a little sore still.

Does this indicate a weak core.

I had done 20 mins bike to warm up , dummbell rows 46kg l r x 10 60kg x 10 r 5 x l 60kg x 10 r x 6l . (I can use the 60kg without straps now so big improvement tap myslef on the back)

Also some TRX rows with the vest for sets of of between 10-15 reps.

I was zapped after the TRX elevated pushups on the handles and coudn’t do much but a little grip work on the Baoding/Boules balls.

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