truth or dare?

my “gear guy” told me your first cycle does more for you than any other cycle you’ll ever do, and I should use a huge dosage’s for my first trip? what are the gear vet’s opinions out there?

Your candy man is a salesman at heart, and he’s telling you a half-truth. You will get your best gains from your first cycle, but you don’t need to use ginormous amounts of gear to get those gains. Learn as much as you can, first. The back issues of T-Mag are the primo source for the information you need. Strength & courage, Coach Joe

Your first cycle won’t necessarily be your best and it has nothing to do with “fresh” receptors as he is having you believe.

Smaller dosages are the DEFINITE way to go on a first cycle. You don’t know how YOU will react to a certain androgen.

Either your source is trying to squeeze a few extra bucks out of you or he is ill-informed himself (more likely).

Agreed. Your first cycle won’t necessarily be your “best” cycle. Personally, I would decide on what two chemicals might work best for me and just use THOSE for a first cycle.

I have done about 5 or 6 cycles since I stared using. I just came off a Sustanon-Tren-Anadrol/Dbol-Insulin-GH cycle… and THAT was the best cycle of my life, not my first LOL. Good luck.

Mass N how did you use your GH and slin?

i think the first cycle is always your best theory comes from the fact that it is the first time you experience all of the beautiful things that steroids can do. therefore, since you had never experienced this before it sticks in your mind more than later cycles. for me, my best ever wasnt my first cycle. it was my first test/tren/dbol cycle.


I used GH and Insulin midway through my last 9 week bulking cycle. This was to ensure my Test levels where peaking before I commenced GH/Insulin.

GH use was at 4IU per day, first thing in the morning, everyday for 5 weeks.

Insulin use was 24IU per day:

  1. 12IU first thing in the morning with GH, followed by a HIGH SIMPLE carb/protein shake and a full breakfast one hour later.

  2. 12IU immediately after workout, followed by a HIGH SIMPLE carb/protein shake and a full dinner one hour later.

I used 2 different Insulin. I used Humulin-R in the morning because it runs itself out of the body in 8 hours (this is about the time I finish work and ready to train). After my workout, I used Humalog because it runs itself out of the body in 4 hours (I want my Insulin levels back to normal before I go to sleep).

This was MY INSULIN PROTOCOL based on MY RESEARCH and PERSONAL needs! This is not a rule-of-thumb to ANYONE by ANY MEANS. Most people will tell you the dangers of Insulin. If you want more details to suit your own needs, you can PM me and we will work with it from there. Good luck.

insulin? whoa! that’s some crazy shit…isn’t that the most dangerous thing you can do? I’am not educated at all on the use of insulin? but I heard it’s crazy and very dangerous… true?