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Truth Needs Strong Defenders

Herein begins my on-line training log.

Training background
I’ve been in the iron game since the 6th grade, and am currently 35. This doesn’t mean I’ve had a ton of good mentors or coaches, though I’ve had some. While in school, I hit the gym hard (how could you not when its free?). Two ACL reconstructions, and a lack of knowledge on effective training prohibited extensive gains. During that time, I learned to love the Olympic lifts and the squat. After school, inconsistent access to facilities and changing professional obligations further hindered gains.

Current status
I currently train in my basement, which isn’t state-of-the-art by any means. I lack a platform, bumper plates, a full rack (the front only goes up half way), and most significantly a large area in which to do loaded carries or sled work. Oh, and my ceiling is low enough to make the push press and strict press difficult to do without hitting the rafters. I have makeshift chains (probably 10 lbs each side, not much, but hey).

On equipment purchases, the issue is twofold: money and space. Thus, I have to prioritize my equipment purchases. I use the following criteria to prioritize: necessity (can I get by without it), prospect of use (how much use can I get out of it?), purpose (is the main function something that is part of my goals/philosophy?), and price. Using these criteria, I have evaluated the following prospective purchases:

-Deadsquat bar–not entire necessary, as I can get by without it, but extraordinarily useful, as it could supplant many straight-bar lifts and then some. However, the fact that is not necessary does not justify the spending of close to $700. For me, its not worth the money (which is in short supply).

-Prowler–definitely necessary for the meeting of my goals, as this is the type of conditioning I enjoy (and I need more conditioning, period). In terms of usefulness, that is hindered by the lack of facilities to use it within my timeframe. Price: the econo-Prowler at EFTS is a decent price–if I could ensure I’d use it frequently, I’d get it in a heartbeat.

-medicine balls–for certain applications and drills, you can’t substitute a med ball, and they are rather flexible in their purpose. I can, however, choose to do alternative drills that don’t require a med ball. Further, I lack the facilities to use them efficiently, so they’d not get much use. It follows that they aren’t high on my priority list at all.

I’ve got about 45 to 90 minutes a day, M-F in which to train, and that must be done before 7am. The issue is that with professional and family obligations, getting adequate sleep is tough. I average 5.5-6.5 hours a night Sunday night to Thursday. Oh, having a newborn doesn’t help that either.

Diet and Nutrition
I’m not out to look like a Greek god, but being relatively lean and somewhat large is certainly cool. Plus, I’d like to have a decent health profile. Hence, while I’m not afraid of wheat or sugar, and won’t shy from pizza, I’m not about to eat those everyday. My diet centers around clean foods.

In terms of peri-workout nutrition, funds being what they are, I take what I can get. MAG-10 (or even Metabolic Drive) are out the picture (for now). When I save enough, I get generic hydrolyzed casein, mix it with some dextrose and some potato starch, and some Kool-aid mix (sans sugar). It serves.

Philosophy and Goals
I like simple things, like the big lifts. I like low-moderate rep ranges. I don’t like doing alot of assistance work. Hence, I’ve been doing CT’s layer system since late October…trying to keep abreast of his iterations.

I want to be larger than I am, stronger than I am, and most of all, I want to live long and healthy. I have a theory, based on my wife’s hypothesis during her last pregnancy (she felt horrible the whole 9 months), that if I maintain a strong and healthy body, I’ll be able to resist, somewhat, the ravages of illness. We shall see.

Sweet. I’m following.

“I average 5.5-6.5 hours a night Sunday night to Thursday. Oh, having a newborn doesn’t help that either.”

I feel yuh, doT. I’m up at 5 and over at the cow barn @ 5:30-9/10. I’m usually up to 10 p.m. - 1 a.m., so sleep, or lack of it, is kind of the bane to my lifting routine.

“I have a theory, based on my wife’s hypothesis during her last pregnancy (she felt horrible the whole 9 months), that if I maintain a strong and healthy body, I’ll be able to resist, somewhat, the ravages of illness. We shall see.”

Doesn’t hurt. Children, though cute --to some–, are truly disease incarnate. No offense to anyone who has a kid, but I’ve worked on a dairy farm and some of the grossest things I’ve ever seen came from children.

Log from 3/31/13: Easter Sunday

So I took a week off, a week that corresponded with Holy Week and fasting. Natural I thought, to abstain from something I really enjoy (which is not, contrary to some, getting up at 0500). After Easter brunch, which was hearty to say the least, the wife and four kids were napping. I had an hour. I lifted. On Easter Sunday. Oh well. And I chose Deadlift. I must be losing it.

Ramp to Max: 1RM of 405–total 7 sets

Clusters: 365 x5, 365x5 365x5 (w/ straps)–time between ended up about 10 seconds, particularly when I added straps–which was done to save CNS stress

HDL: 325x5, 325x5x 325x5 (<30sec between sets)

Speed HDL: 225x2,2,2,2 (30sec b/w, stopping when losing pop)

I didn’t REALLY reach a 1RM. I haven’t DL in a very long time, at least not heavy. The movement pattern, for me, is a bit rickety off the floor. The top half was cake, but getting the bar to the knees wasn’t. Hence a relatively low training Max.

Prior to the work, I did the finger tap test in a rudimentary way: used a calculator and timer: 50/55 (Left/Right respectively). After: 59/57 It should be prefaced that I tried using the web app that GeneticSynergy created, but for logistical reasons, it is insufficient (OK, it doesn’t really work with my phone, which I’d need in the AM). When I used that method, the numbers are MUCH higher.

Thoughts on the workout: I felt this one afterwards for several days, which is expected when you have REALLY DL in a while. This created a dilemma. I REALLY felt it in my lats, and throughout the upper back-shoulders. I knew that was a good thing. This creates a dilemma: the DL doesn’t really hit the quads as hard as the posterior chain, and the posterior chain and lats can be hit heavily on SGHP or SGCP days, while the lats can get hit with the rows on pull days: I could just do either deep box squats or front squats for legs and use the pull days for lats/posterior work. HOWEVER the lat stimulation I get with DL is superior.

I use the Speed HDL is a specific manner. First, generally, I use a higher percentage (sometimes as high as 70%). Second, its not 8 sets of 2. I continue the sets until I see a decrease in explosion…then I stop. I’m already fatigued…I don’t need more. I think this work contributes to the higher finger tap score post-workout.

Broader thoughts: The iron game is about discipline, about the will. Each and every day, we make a decision to get in the gym or stay out. We understand that gains, be they physique, strength, speed, or whatever, AREN’T easily obtained. The path of the bodybuilder, the powerlifter, the weightlifter isn’t for the faint of heart. We are quick to stay clean and lift hard to look good nekkid. We hardly miss a workout.

How often do we not generalize this to other facets? We can act with extreme discipline when it comes to diet or exercise, but when it comes to other aspects of self-control, of matters of the will, we excuse it as “natural”? We can argue that food is good when consumed in the proper context, but outside of that context, it can be harmful. We decry GMO, non-organic, processed foods as being unhealthy, we can carefully craft our diet and exercise plans to maximize gains and minimize fat, and yet we fail to see the same truth in other aspects of our lives. It isn’t that we CAN’T see it, it is that we don’t want to see it, we are afraid of what our life would be like if we applied that same mentality to other aspects.

Monday, 4/01/13
My posted timeframe is the am, between 0530 and 0700. I didn’t get to sleep until well after 1. Thus, the AM session wasn’t going to happen. Sleep is important, and I already got a “bonus” session in on Sunday…Monday’s workout wasn’t entirely necessary. However, my visiting parents offered to take myself and kids out to eat that evening, and I had some time to spare between work and that…I made effective use of it.

Decline tilt Bench, pins close to chest (about 1 inch above)
Ramp to 1RM: 275

Clusters: 250x4, 250x4, 250x4–5 sec between

HDL: 225x5, 225x5, 225x4 (30 sec b/w)

Speed HDL: 185x2,2,2,2 (30 sec b/w)

Workout notes: Not much pop from the start, not even on the speed HDL. I noticed it immediately, and therefore did an extra set on the ramp warmups (usually 135, 185, 225, all 3 reps this time, two sets @185x3…didn’t really help). Could be a number of factors, starting with the week layoff, the abnormal timeframe, etc. Pre-w/o tap test: 47/55, post: 53/59.

Broader thoughts: This workout was auto-regulated by the relatively low 1RM on the ramp. I also knew not to push too hard, as I had no pop. As CT says, you do what you can without sacrificing performance. There is a deeper message to this. Sun Tzu, in the Art of War said that the truly successful general knows intimately the strengths and weaknesses of his OWN army.

That is the true essence humility: true and accurate self-knowledge, following by acceptance of the knowledge. We steer clear of the arrogant, we deride the self-loathing, we gravitate toward the humble.

Tuesday 4/02/13: Pull

Start: 0630 End: 0715

Started with SGHP to ~80%3RM (175), continued with SGCP, to 1RM (275).

Clusters: 245x5, 245x5, 245x5

HDL: 225x5, 225x5, 225x5

Scrape The Rack Row: 4 sets 135x8 (2 sec pause at top)

(Active Rest: ball crunches, 15 reps, going from hyper extension to just above neutral)

Workout Thoughts: High Pulls felt good, but the last time I did the Chinese Pull, I like the feel of them better. I was really getting some good height, but I was more comfortable with the CP form. However, the explosion wasn’t as powerful as I am used to, the whole time…could the DOMS from deads. Noticed that the bar had a tendency to drift away from the body. Pre-w/o tap test: 45/56, post-w/o tap test: 57/61. I like the feel of heavy deads (I tend to contract real hard at the top of the DL, contracting my lats and traps, etc) for lat stimulation, but it doesn’t simulate a proper pulling movement.

Also, did 1 jump between all sets of pulls. Started with simple jumps, progressed to box jumps, then over the box, then depth jumps, then depth box-jumps. Helped with initial warmups.

Wednesday 4/03/13: Incline Tilt Press

Start: 0630 End: 0705

Pins about 3-4 inches from chest

Activation: Plyo push up 2 sets of 5

Ramp to 1RM: 295

Clusters: 265x4, 265x4, 265x3

HDL: 235x5, 235x5, 235x5

(Did 1 jump between all sets above)

Speed HDL: 185x2,2,2,2,2,2 (stopped when form broke down OR acceleration diminished)

Workout Thoughts: CT mentioned awhile ago in a query I had that I could be a slow activator, and likewise, he has mentioned in the past that you could use the Ramp to Max layer to get some quality work in. On Monday, I attempted to get my activation by doing two sets of my 185 and 225 x3 Ramp sets. Today, I started a bit rusty, and after my 185 set, wanted to get the explosion part down, so I did a set of 1, and made it real explosive. I then remembered the 1/6 rep scheme CT put forth in a LiveSpill mini-article, and a similar approach in I, Bodybuilder, in which CT explained that the “1” set was for activation and getting the CNS ready for the weight. So, I did a set of 1 before my 225 set., and then proceeded on. This seemed to work real well, especially as I had more pop than Monday, and was even able to get 6 micro sets on the Speed HDL. Pre-w/o tap test: 52/52, post-w/o tap test: 56/63.

Thursday 4/04/13: Pull

Start: 0615 End: 0705

Ramp to 1RM Max: 250–kept High Pull the whole time…

Clusters: 225x4 225x6 225x5

HDL: 200x5,5,5

Scrape The Rack Row: 3 sets 135x8 (2 sec pause at top)
Front Squat: 200x2,3,4

Workout Thoughts: Much better than Tuesday, a bit more explosive, form was much better, particularly as bar didn’t wander away as much. I liked the feel of the DL on Sunday, but I already work the posterior-chain on Pull Days, so I thought about adding some heavy Front Squat work between STRR on Pull Days. I’ve done that in the past, and liked it…perhaps this will take care of my legs: DBP, PULL, IBP, PULL, SEATED MP, DL, with Front Squat on Pull Days. We shall see. Pre w/o tap test: 50/59, post: 56/64.

Friday 4/05/13: Seated Military Press, Pins

Start: 0615 End: 0700

Pins set a bit below eye-level

Ramp to 1RM Max: 195x1

Clusters: 175x3, 175x3, 175x3

HDL: 155x5,5,5

Speed HDL: 135x2,2,2,2

Workout Thoughts: I was excited about this. The last time I did press from pins, I hit 225x5. I thought for sure I’d get higher than 195. My Ramp started with 135x1, 135x3, 165x1, 165x3. After that last “warm-up” set, I knew I was in for a rough one. I lacked the pop I thought I’d have. My Speed HDL sets reflected this, as I didn’t really have much pop, although it was more than my HDL or Clusters. I realized this is probably the result of two things: 1) my pin height on the 225x5 was above eye-level, about the top of the head, and 2) I wasn’t getting the proper tension in the core: I noticed that my back was arching (not necessarily a bad thing), but I wasn’t tense and thus didn’t have a strong base from which to press. Will work on that next time.

Pre w/o tap test: 54/51, Post: 53/60.

Monday, 04/08/13: Box Squat

Box Depth: 12 inches

Begin: 0620 End: 0705

Activation: Power clean, from hang: 2 sets 135x3

Ramp to 3RM: 305
Clusters: 295x5, 295x4, 295x4
HDL 235x5,4,3,2,1

Power clean from blocks: 2 sets 135x3

Workout Notes: I had originally planned on doing DL instead of squat for legs. However, after doing yardwork over the weekend, I realized my knees were killing me. Whenever I squat deep and heavy, knee pain vanishes (plus I hit my quads more). I chose a 12" box to check for depth. I know CT has said for lifts from the rack, not pins, to do straight sets of 3-5 instead of clusters. I like the clusters, so I tried them. I ended up taking about 7 secs total between cluster reps. I stopped at 4 not because I couldn’t get anymore, but I was concerned with form…I didn’t want to break form. HDL was rather easy, which, I guess, is to be expected when you are doing 70% of a 3RM. We shall see about next week. Pre tap test: 49/52, post: 48/58 (I am assuming the decreased left hand number is the result of poor test procedure…we shall see).

Tuesday, 4/09/13: Dec Tilt Bench, pins

Pin height, 2-3 inches from chest

Begin: 0625 End: 0710

Activation: 2 sets of 3, plyo-push up

Ramp to Max: 255
Clusters: 230x7, 240x5, 240x5
HDL: 185x5,4,3,2,1 5 sec hold
185x5,4,3,2,1 5 sec hold
185x5,4,3,2,1 5 sec hold

Push Press: 3 sets 135x3

Workout Notes: Last night, I went for a walk, and enjoying the effects, I decided it’d be beneficial to get a brisk walk in before I lift: it’d warm me up, and get me prepped for a good lift. I set my alarm about a half hour early, and went to sleep. I wasn’t awakened by an alarm, but by this annoying “Dammit, I hate waking up 2 hours before the alarm goes off because I’m wondering about the time.” I decided to check the clock, to see how much more time I had until I got up…it was 0610, and I had to RUSH to get ready to lift. I was a little stiff in the beginning. My ramp included the 1/3 pattern up to 225. I might try that higher next time I press. At first I was disappointed to have a -20 Ramp from last week…but then I realized last week I did a 1RM… Didn’t have any time to speed work, but needed some explosion, so I did push press. The overhead movement is still rusty, and even though I’ve PP over 225 for 5 relatively recently (as in last September), 135 felt awkward and difficult. Pre-51/56, post-52/56. This is the first time I haven’t seen an increase…I’m interested to see what happens tomorrow.

Wednesday, 4/10/13: High Pull

Begin: 0610 End: 0700

Ramp to 3RM: 205
Clusters: 205x5, 205x7, 215x5
HDL: 165x 5,4,3,2,1, 5 sec hold; 175x5,4,3,2,1, 5 sec hold; 185x5,4,3,2,1

Scrape the Rack Row/Power Snatch from blocks superset:
135x8 (2 sec pause)/135x3–4 sets

Workout Notes: I planned yesterday to get a walk in today, and I got it. Due to sleep interruptions, however, I shortchanged my walk/stretch routine, which still left me a bit on the stiff side. Still, did the 1/3 rep scheme for 135, 165, 185, and 195…essentially everything BUT the 3RM set. I like the way it feels, but I didn’t want to get too tired for the rest of the workout, so I didn’t do it for the 205. I used my Ramp weight as my clusters weight because, in the past, I’ve ended up with that weight on Pulls, and even surpassed it (like today). I think this is due to the explosive nature of the lift. It was during the HDL that I really started feeling some soreness/tightness. I’ve been sore in the quads and some glutes for the squats on Monday; that didn’t impact me one bit until the HDL portion, when I went 1 from blocks and then 1+ from the hang: I felt some soreness in my quads, and some tightness/soreness in my traps, particularly on the eccentric.

I felt some pain in my left shoulder, particularly during HDL. I tried the whole w/o to keep the bar close by, and I noticed when I didn’t, the shoulder started to hurt: the shoulders weren’t packed. I’ll pay attention tomorrow (Inc tilt from pins).

Pre tap test: 50/53 (after walk), post tap test: 53/59.

Thursday, 4/11/13: Incline Tilt Bench Press, Pins

Pin height: 4"-6" from chest

Start: 0620 End: 0710

Ramp to 3RM: 135x1, 135x3, 185x1, 185x3, 225x1, 225x3, 245x1, 245x3, 265x1, 265x3, 275x1, 275x3

Clusters: 250x7, 260x5, 260x6

HDL: 225x5,4,3,2,1, 5-sec hold; 225x5,4,3,2,1, 5-sec hold; 225x5,4,3,2,1, 5 sec hold

Speed HDL: 185x2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2

Workout Notes: The 1/3 Ramp rep scheme worked well enough to get me to a 275 3RM, particularly when I thought after my 265x3 that 275 wasn’t gonna happen. The single flew up, and then I was able to get the first two reps on the 3 set rather “easy”, while the last was difficult. I could not have gotten 285.

Normally, I’d use the 3RM for clusters, but I decided to get as much explosive and quality work in as possible…and opted for the 90%. Several factors played in my decision to use >80% for my HDL work: 1) I was doing a 3RM, and 80% of a 3RM is like 60% or so of a 1RM, 2) I hit 225 (about 80%) for an easy three during the Ramp, so using it for HDL wasn’t out of the question, and 3) I used 70% Tuesday for HDL, and it was relatively easy. Most certainly the 2-1 microsets of each set were difficult, but they were completed, AND a 5-sec hold about two inches above the pins done.

I had a few minutes, and I felt like getting some bonus work in, so I opted for Speed HDL. I think that under different circumstances, I could have gone with 225 (I seriously didn’t want to change the weight on the bar, being inherently lazy in that regard), but not after using it for 3 sets of HDL. I felt good enough to do more than 8 sets with no discernable loss of explosion.

Pre tap test: 49/59 Post tap test:55/64

You know, I log on, thinking its only been a few days…wow. I was a bit off.

Friday 4/12/13: Snatch Grip Chinese Pull

Start:0630 End:0650

Ramp to 3RM: 245
High Pull Triples: 135

Workout notes: I overslept, inadvertently. More precisely, my alarm went off at 0530, I turned it off, and the next thing I knew, it was 0615. I rushed to get ready to lift. I had no pop, and I felt real weak, despite my CNS tap test scores being nearly identical to the previous days. Hence, I cut my Ramp short, and instead focused on some SGHP triples at a light weight…even that felt difficult.

Saturday, 4/13/13: Snatch Grip High Pull, from blocks

Block Height: bar at knees

Start 0645 End: 0800

Ramp to 3RM: 225
Clusters: 205x6, 205x7, 215x5
HDL: 185x5,4,3,2,1; 185x5,4,3,2,1; 185x5,4,3,2,1

Scrape the Rack Row/Power Clean from Blocks

Workout notes: Started out with much more pop and strength. I knew that this would be a good day from the first rep. I used a 1/3/1 strategy for the “warm-up” ramps, going with 135 for 1/3/1, 165 for 1/3/1, and 185 for 1/3/1. I went 195 and 205 for 1/3. I was planning on going 1/3 for 215, but the first rep felt so good, I went for a straight three. I then hit 225 for three, which is a PR (I’ve hit 225 for 1 and 2). I tried 235, but the first rep didn’t feel the same, so I stopped after that rep. Normally, I alternate the STTR with power snatch from blocks, but I was lazy and didn’t feel like stripping the 25s from the bar after HDL. I went with power clean instead, and learned that I need to incorporate that movement more. In between Ramp sets, I did one jump, increasing in difficulty from simple jumps to box jumps to jumping over the box, to depth jumps. Pre tap test: 49/55, post 55/62.

Monday, 4/15/13: Military Press

Pin height: between eye and nose level

Start: 0615 End: 0710

Activation: Plyo-pushup, 2 sets of 5

Ramp to 3RM: 115, 135, 155, 165, 175 (tried 185, got 2)
Clusters: 160x4, 160x5, 160x4
HDL: 135x5,4,3,2,1; 135x5,4,3,2,1; 135x5,4,3,2,1

Dips: 3 sets, BWx3 (focused on explosion)

Workout Notes: Started lighter on the Ramp, mainly to get a better feel. If you recall, the first time I did put this in, the movement felt weak and rusty. I think the lighter start weight definitely helped. Did the 1/3/1 rep scheme for the 135, and when I went for the 155, it just felt good, so I did 3. I went back to 1/3 for 165. For 175, I didn’t want to expend the energy for a single that I could use to (possibly) get 185. I could barely get 185 off the pins for the third rep. I did jumps between sets, ramping in complexity and CNS stress from simple jumps to depth jumps. Pre w/o tap test: 47/50, post w/o tap test: 53/56.

Tuesday, 4/17/13: Squat

Box depth: 12"

Start: 0610 End:0700

Ramp: 135, 225, 275, 295, 315, 325, 335
Clusters (straight reps, not clustered): 305x4, 305x4, 305x4, 305x3
HDL: 270x5,4,3,2,1, 270x5,4,3,2,1

DL from blocks (knee level) with Box Hops (over two 20" boxes) between: 315x4, 335x4

Workout Notes: Again, the box is for depth check. I touched in maybe twice after 225, not that I didn’t hit depth, but that I found that for me to hit it, I put additional stress on my lower back. Not worth it. I used the 1/3 rep scheme for the “warm-up” sets (135, 225, 275), and then switched to straight 2s. I can see why doing straight sets of 3-5 reps is preferred to clusters for full squats. I did the DL from blocks to work the posterior a bit, AND to get the lats. I like how I hit them when I did DL when I first opened this log, and I sought to replicate, within reason, that using a rack-pull variation (less back stress, higher weights), however, I didn’t want to do too much after squatting to hinder recovery. Pre tap test: 47/57; post tap test: 59/59.

Wednesday, 4/17/13: Decline Tilt Bench Press, Pins

Pin height: 3" from chest

Start: 0620 End: 0640

Ramp to 2RM: 135, 185, 225

Workout Notes: The same scenario that occurred last Friday occurred this morning: I woke up later than anticipated, and was just too tired to get any good, meaningful work in. I started by doing 1/3 for my “warm-ups”, and quickly determined that it just wasn’t going to work. I tried to get my normal jumps in between sets, but I had no height or power. After my 225 sets, I called it and took a nap.

Thursday, 4/18/13, Decline Tilt Bench Press, Pins

Pin height: 3" from chest

Start: 0615 End: 0710

Activation: Plyo push-ups, 2 sets of 5

Ramp to 2RM: 135 (3), 185(1/3), 225 (1/3), 245, 255, 265, 270
Clusters: 245x5, 245x5, 245x4, 245x3
HDL: 225x54321, 225x5332

Speed HDL: 205x2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2

Workout Notes: I used the 1/3 scheme for the “warm-ups” to good effect, and had a good Ramp. During my Ramp sets, I used DB Curls as active rest, doing 20 lbs x 8-10. I am unsure if that had a negative impact, but I know I had a decent “pump”. For HDL, I was truly lazy and overconfident. I felt good on my Clusters at 245, and figured I’d be able to hit 225 for the HDL, plus, I didn’t feel like taking off the second plate and put on 35s for the true 80%. Thus, I didn’t get the full reps for the HDL set. I tried to get the remainder, but couldn’t get the bar off the pins after the 15 seconds “rest”. Between sets from Ramp to HDL, I did one jump, ramping from normal jumps to Depth Jumps Over a Box (20"). My speed sets felt great, and I stopped at 8 sets, even though I could have done more. For those sets, I actually used 15-20 seconds as opposed to 30…and there was no noticeable drop off in explosion. Pre tap test: 47/59, post: 51/62.

Saturday, 4/20/13: High Pull

Blocks Height: Bar at knee level

Start: 0815 End: 0900

Ramp to 2RM: 135 (3), 165 (3), 185 (3), 205, 215, 225, 235
Clusters: 215x5, 215x5, 215x5, 215x7
HDL: 190x54321, 190x54321

Scrape The Rack Row superset with Power Snatch from blocks: 135x8/135x3, 135x8/135x3, 135x8/135x3

Workout Notes: I cut the Rows/Snatch “complex” short (from 4-5 sets to 3) due to time: not that I “ran out” but that I was needed elsewhere. This was a PR for Ramp AND Clusters, so it was a very good workout. I didn’t go with the 1/3 scheme for the 135, 165, and 185 weights for two reasons: 1) I started out and instead of doing 1 rep, I did three, and 2) I did so because I felt fresh and didn’t feel like stopping. Pre tap-test: 51/61, Post: 54/66.