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Truth About AIDS

Very touchy subject. Let’s start this, AIDS is not from Africa like some people think, its not from somebody having sex with a monkey, thats all bullshit. The truth is, that in "The Hepatitis B vaccine study in 1978 appears to have been the initial means of planting the infection in New York City. The test protocol specified non-monogamous males only, and homosexuals received a different vaccine from heterosexuals. At least 25-50% of the first reported New York AIDS cases in 1981 had received the Hepatitis B test vaccine in 1978. By 1984, 64% of the vaccine recipients had AIDS, and the figures on the current infection rate for the participants of that study are held by the U.S. Department of Justice, and “unavailable.”

"This is disgusting that a gov’t would disease its own people, tricking them into thinking that they’re getting something that will be helpful to them. Still don’t care about the facts, just remember this next time your son/daughter has to get some shot at school.

Provide a link please.


this guy may turn out to be the most disturbing(and disturbed) poster of all time. He’s well on his way with the stuff he has come up with so far.

ice-there is just one problem with that-cases of aids were first evident as early as the 60’s. back then it was not as widespread, so nobody really knew what it was, but it still existed. It would appear that your source is a couple of decades too late.

the first person diagnosed was in 1984 right when i said it was.

i dont know if 1984 was the first diagnosis or not, but as the other poster pointed out, there were cases in existance up to two decades before that that went undiagnosed. The disease was not created, and distrubuted to homosexuals, in NYC in 1984; that is patently ridiculous.

[quote]iceman187 wrote:
the first person diagnosed was in 1984 right when i said it was.[/quote]

Forgive me but you are a moron. I first read about this disease in a book from the 70’s, and it was in a book I found about 1980.

The reason I remember it is because it was a list of the 10 worst sexual diseases. (One involved a swelling of the balls to the point they reached about mid thigh.)

It was before the disease had become as well known as it is now.

Also in the mid to late 80’s there was an article about some mysterious disease a soldier caught in the 40’s. They kept a sample of his blood in storage, and retested it with the idea it might have been HIV. It tested positive.

Now if you are going to make such statements, and purport them to be fact, please post some facts, and not some rumor. You need to prove your statements, otherwise it is no different then when I heard KFC had to change their name because they don’t use chickens, but instead use some genetically engineered organism fed through tubes, with no beaks, or feathers. (This is a myth if you didn’t know.)

Until now I had hoped thread would die due to its dubious premise, but what the hell - t’is one of my pet subjects anyway…

Here is what you can find on “All About AIDS” (http://library.thinkquest.org/03oct/01335/en/home.html)
Quotes are in quotation marks, my comments are not:

“Although the new epidemic that would eventually be named Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was first recognized as a disease in 1981, we now know that human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV) probably jumped from chimpanzees to humans during the late 1600s. The first actually confirmed death from HIV was in 1959, when a man died in the Congo in Africa. This was confirmed by analyzing samples of his blood in a recent test.”

Quite interesting - you will find a number of diseases that have jumped the species barrier: influenza does it regularly, human CJD seems to linked to BSE that can be found in cows, etc.

"The first published article related to AIDS was in 1981. The principal author?s name was Michael Gottlieb and it appeared in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report for June 5th. This article reported that there was a random increase in pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP), a rare lung infection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noticed it when a drug technician named Sandra Ford noticed that there was an unusually high number of requests for the drug that treated PCP.

A short while later, on July 3rd, another article reported eight outbreaks of Kaposi?s Sarcoma (KS) in young homosexual males in New York. This was surprising because Kaposi?s Sarcoma was a rare form of cancer that normally showed up in older people. At this time, the medical community realized that a new disease was probably heading their way.

In 1982, the term Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is used for the first time. The name was designated by the CDC. That year there were 1600 people diagnosed with the disease and almost seven hundred deaths. The CDC task force on KSOI had traced forty patients suffering from KSOI to a single person, called Patient Zero. Because of this, they realized that the disease was sexually transmitted. The disease also showed up in IV drug users and hemophiliacs. The first case of heterosexual transmission was diagnosed in 1983. ?The doctors thought ‘AIDS’ suitable because people acquired the condition rather than inherited it, because it resulted in a deficiency within the immune system, and because it was a syndrome, with a number of manifestations, rather than a single disease.?

There is a movie that portrays the events in a moderately dramatised order: “And the Band played on”

“Although AIDS had a name, no one knew what the causes and tests for AIDS were. The race was on to discover what caused AIDS. In 1983, French scientists at the Institute Pasteur found a new virus that they called lymphadenopathy-associated virus or LAV. About a year later, Dr. Robert Gallo, of the National Cancer institute discovered HLTV-III. The first discovery was made in France at the Institute Pasteur, but shared credit is given to Dr. Robert Gallo, the discoverer of AIDS and his French counterparts for discovering HIV on April 23, 1984. In 1985, doctors came up with a test to identify who had AIDS and which donated blood had the AIDS virus. At this time, scientists knew that not only homosexuals got it, but also anyone exposed to the virus from blood or body fluids could get it too, including newborn babies and children.”

What the real scandal in the late 80ies and early 90ies was, that although the risks of transmitting the disease through transmissions were known, especially in France, (West) Germany and Japan major blood products companies kept on “pooling” tranfusion-blood without proper testing, not only for HIV, but also for Hepathitis C. This lead to many absolutely unnecessary infections of people with both viruses who did not know for years that they were at risk at all.

Iceman, if you want to be angry - be angry about that.


PS to the Moderator: Sorry for the long text. (THANKS, lol)