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Trustworthy Sites to Buy Online Veterinary Meds?


if anybody has had good experiences with such sources for vet meds, heartworm meds specifically, post a link please!


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cost. my vet will charge me around $100 for a 6 month supply for just one of my dogs...internet sources vary from $40-$50. I'm just looking for anybody who has had a good experience with an online vet supply company. I can afford the $100, but I do not like to throw money around unnecessarily, unless it is on drugs or prostitutes.




I use Petmeds and have no problems. Just make sure to get the prescription from the vet as you'll have to fax it to them.







My mom gets heartworm and flea control for her German Shepherd from the local vet, and she doesn't even pay 100 bucks for the whole year. She has been with this vet for about 7 years. The heartworm meds are 40 bucks for the year, and the flea control is around 20. That vet sounds like a rip-off jerk face. What a jerk hole!

I guess petmeds is your best bet, or find a better vet. You'll also have to pay for shipping and shit with any online retailer, so factor that cost in as well.


my dogs are about 130-140lb each. i have to buy a 50-100lb dose, and a 25-50lb dose for each. how much does this German Shepard weigh?


try these sites




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She's a runt, so she would normally weigh around 80 but my mom doesn't walk her enough, so she has a bit of a doggie gut going on which pushes her closer to 90.