Trusting TB-500 or BPC-157?

Very curious to try both for nagging injuries, but don’t like that it seems the only sources are “chemical research” companies set up to cater to our crowd and to make money. If I’m gonna inject something I want to know it’s legit, clean and no additives that might cause issues. A bathroom or garage chemistry set doesn’t appeal to me. Are any real pharmacies selling these things?

If you are interested, I have a source in the UK that ships internationally. It was my first time using them but my friend uses them for all his peptides with good feedback. I’m just over a week into my treatment with BPC and its it working wonders for my shoulder tendonitis. They are a large company and still very quick to reply to emails. Also they have next day delivery and are letterbox friendly. Have a look at my recent thread, I’m sure I mentioned the source with no problems since it’s fully legal and the products are available to the public just like a supplement brand

Whether the sources are legal or not, this forums policies are no discussion on sources.

IF you would like to pass on source talk, attach a personal email to your profile then tell him to email you.

It’s not gear though its simply like saying ‘I bought my protein from USN’. Not trying to get myself banned just trying to help this guy out and since I don’t want to share my personal email with everyone and I didn’t see any other way. I respect that you can’t talk about UGLs regarding juice ect, but I will remove the post if needs be

I read about your shoulder but didn’t see the source. I’d still feel better being able to order from a real US compound pharmacy but maybe they can’t sell the stuff even if it’s not illegal.

3 months of a nagging groin pull/ tendonosis and then coming back for no known reason and no pain one of my knees is swollen. Never had a knee issue in my life. But The swollen knee is on same side that the groin was messed up for months

I think if a compound pharmacy sold products the way research chemical companies do it might be seen as illegal. The pharmacy is set up for human consumption, and you would need a prescription to get anything from them. The research chemical company is using a loophole to sell prescription drugs for research.

I actually just made a post about buying cytomel from a research chemical company. I suppose with cytomel you can tell if it is real (jitters, running hot, etc). I plan to start very low and titrate up just because I don’t exactly know what I have.

I have heard good things about BPC-157.

Also, spend some time looking at reviews of this stuff. Check your sources on a few different boards.

Thanks appreciate it. I take T3 and T4. Not that expensive with insurance, is it even cheaper via your route ?

I’ve read so many reviews of TB and BPC but it’s all based on people’s subjective results.

My deal is I just switched jobs, and I am overdue for my physical, so my TRT clinic will not fill my Rx (I don’t get insurance for 3 months, and don’t want to pay out of pocket for one).

I want back up Test and T3 anyways since there are so many restrictions for ordering, that if you don’t order within a week or so window, you have to pay a ton for shipping to get it expedited. Just kinda a bunch of hoops to jump though.

T3 for a year and a half supply was $60, so I am rolling the dice on it.

I just spoke to a big-name pharmacy or one of those hormone clinics in Florida, it cost $500 to get 15 mg of TB and 15 mg of BP

That is out rages

Wtf… go get it from a reputable ugl man… theres plenty that will throw it at you for under 20 for 5mg…bpc 157 is doing wonders for me right now with a shoulder injury…

And you just ordered it from a random online “research” company? What protocol and dose if you don’t mind? I’ve read conflicting stuff that it needs to be injected directly over injury or that it’s systemic and can be injected anywhere and essentially finds area of the body that needs repairs

Do more research and you will find a few names keep popping up as the most trusted sites. Be cautious of cheap pricing.

Thanks. Found two companies who may be Legit, but are expensive hah. Also looking into the legit compound pharmacies.

But at these prices I probably wouldn’t run it more than the 20 days it seems 5mg May last just because spending more at those prices would be frustrating if it was bunk

5mg of BPC will likely last you less than 10 days.

I take 250mcg 2x/day… that 5mg vial lasts me exactly 10days. Im plaaning on using bpc for 30days.

Oh good to know. There are so many varying opinions on doses, somewhere I read 250 once per day…

Getting old is a hassle ha. When you are young you can rub some dirt on injuries and eat a few steaks and they heal.

250mcg is too little for most, maybe if you’re 100lbs and the injuries are minor? However 250mcg twice daily is the standard starting point. Some folks go up to 1g daily.

I did 300mcg twice daily for 28 days with great results.

I’m 240. So probably need twice day dose. I originally wanted it for my groin but now my knee keeps swelling up. Doc thinks maybe minor MCL tear yikes but didn’t do any MRI yet. Makes me wanna do it even more now if I could trust a source. Im not savvy on source boards because I’m a HRT guy from the local pharmacy and dont need UGL stuff typically.

I use bpc 157 & spot inject where needed…it seems to provide fast relief… i generally mix 5ml bac water in a 5mg vial…
I inject 25 units most times…i inject in my low back & in elbow
I also run 4 iu of hgh at night… this combo seems to help speed up injury relief for me…for sprains strains…for post surgery prolly need more H

I do 4iu Hgh for years. So am already getting whatever benefit it provides.