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Trusting Sources


I am new to buying online and would appreciate advice from the vets here.
From a quick google search I can find hundreds of suppliers. The only problem is I don't want a site so sketchy that I'll be using batub swill. Or a site so polished that its almost garunteed to be a DEA sting.
Am I going about this all wrong?
I've also gone to many review sites and forums and figure that the reviews could be made up as well.
Can I trust the reviews?


No offense but you may be a pig and in that case suck it… However if not sorry for being a dick… Its a cruel world you will just have to learn the hard way and get burned a few times b4 u get good shit… Thats the nature of the beast bro…No pain no gain


I get my stuff from Paco.


I am not a vet, but I am nice enough to help you.

  1. Many of them are scams, but it is extremely unlikely that any are stings. Nobody has the resources or care to track individuals for online purchases in personal use quantities.

  2. There is a site which you can use to both find and check websites claiming to be sources. Users of this site write reviews and the sources are rated based on the users’ reviews. False reviews are possible, but most people don’t have problems with the better rated sources listed on the site.
    Google “steroid source check”: First result.


It doesn’t take long of looking at various sites to figure out a few legit suppliers. If you are in the U.S. there are plenty of UGLs with relatively low risk to the end user to make a purchase. Even with today’s F’d up laws in the U.S. personal use is very low priority by LE. They want suppliers for the news headlines, not Joe Blow working out in his garage.

When you look at review sites and such, look for time and variety. Just like Yelp or any review site, someone new with a lot of one review reviewers might be suspicious, but someone around for some time and a wide variety of user feedback is likely legit. Even “legit” suppliers can have issues so expect to lose every now and then.

If you total want to spend $1000 on gear, break your orders into smaller amounts. Factor in loss as part of your overall cost. You drive a car, you are are going to get traffic and parking tickets now and then, just part of the game.