Trusted Shipping Methods?

I ran a search but couldn’t find a good answer.

Do you have a PO box or what? Just a lot of trust in your shipper? I’m at an impass on what to do.

I’ve rolled with a PO box both times.

If they want to find you, a PO box isn’t going to stop them. Might as well just ship it to your house.

I’ve been wondering this same thing as it looks like I may make an order. If a package gets picked up by customs…what happens? Do they just send you a seizue letter or are there legal ramifications? I live in the U.S.

[quote]DOHCrazy wrote:
If they want to find you, a PO box isn’t going to stop them. Might as well just ship it to your house. [/quote]

My PO box is my only mailbox :wink:

PO box is the way to roll.

makes no differnce imo

i think you have a better chance of recieving at your home

most good sources ship registered so who will sign at a po box?

[quote]ironmiketyson wrote:
makes no differnce imo

i think you have a better chance of recieving at your home

most good sources ship registered so who will sign at a po box? [/quote]

what about just person to person shipping?

Even if shipped to your house from overseas, its not a big deal if its caught.

Customs will take the gear out of the box, replacing it with a seizure notice. Then they will mail you the empty package and letter.

Unless you are ordering insane amounts of gear, they most likely wont ever think twice about it. They like to fry big fish, not shrimp.

Must we use our real name to rent a PO box?

In the UK you need a drivers licence and/or Passport - so are pretty stuffed either way.

At least if you get a parcel sent to your house with a name that isnt yours, you can deny knowledge, keeping hold of it for a week or two wouldnt hurt either, as though you were getting around to returning it - but if it is IN your PO box, that is you taking receipt IMO…

Especially if you were intending on saying you didnt order it (as may well be your claim to potential police traps) they would wonder why, when at the Post Office you didnt just hand in this foreign package containing god knows what, to be returned to the sender there and then.



  1. Done it with a PO box and sent to my home-doesn’t matter. Personally I like having shipped to the house with signature requuired. I don’t want to be home for the delivery. USPS will leave a note–at that point you know you are in the clear, just go pick it up at the post office. I try to avoid FedEx, UPS, etc. I think standard international mail is the way to go. Fina a source that ships in the post offices standard boxes or envelopes. I never have lost on of these–I am assuming that they don’t raise as much suspcision.

  2. I have had two seisure letter in my life–no consequences. Shit I work for the government and it didn’t even show up on my background check. Obviously if you get a seisure letter your mail box will be flagged.

  3. I think the most important thing is to get tracking on the package. Tracking will tell you it is in US Customs. Watch how long it is there, a day or two you are probably good. Beyond that chalk it up to lost.

  4. Don’t live in a zip code starting with a 6. Chicago customs are notoriusly effective at their jobs.

  5. Small amounts. Look like a personal user or more specifically don’t look like a dealer.

What exactly do you guys consider a “small amount”?

Not to get too far off topic.

I wouldn’t order more than a cycles worth at a time, for multiple reasons.

One, you could get ripped off, so smaller orders give you the chance of losing less money in the event that you do.

Smaller orders also are easier to ship discretely.

Customs also wont take much more action than a seizure letter with small amounts.

Anything that can be fit in a small to large sized envelope I consider a small amount. If for some reason you are shipped a box, I think you have a much higher rate of seizure. JMO though.

One would hope that if you did order a larger amount the shipper would use discretion in breaking up the packages into smaller amounts. Might have to pay more for shipping. The only reason I could see to order that much would be if you found a really good source and wanted to procure enough gear for many cycles.

I like that idea, but then you run into the problem that if god forbid you were searched and all that gear was there you’re screwed. No longer simple possession, because judges don’t know nor will they believe that you were only intending for personal use, not dealing.

Less is always better. DOHCrazy had it right; it’s not only better in order to reduce likelihood of seizure and potential penalties, but also to cut damages if scammed.

Whatever is involved - gear, finances, anything - a good conman will always wait until you feel great confidence in them before striking. These guys that ship all scam occasionally. Far better to leave them under the impression that your NEXT order (or whatever) is going to be a bigger one.

i think 20 amps and a few hundred dbol would be probably be safe enough

its more or less a typical cycle and it fits in a meduim envelope

i would recommend buying bulk unless the source agrees to split up the shipment but the good sources are smart enough to do that anyway

Don’t really have experience shipping/receiving gear through the mail, BUT I know a bit about other stuff.

Remailing services in conjunction with an empty house that YOU CHECK OFTEN = perfect. A lot of the time you can ask them to call you before they send it out and most don’t require ID of any kind. Pay cash, obviously. Use it a few times and then forget about it. The Man has zero interest in this type of thing (as long as you don’t go overboard) and the people running the service have even less in what you’re getting or sending.

Shipping? Dunno how it goes for juice but for what I have experience with, wrap that shit up, make sure it doesn’t smell/leak/break, put it inside something else and keep it small. Pray that Customs doesn’t decide to break out the X-ray that day.

You can fuck around and try the return address trick with all of the above, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s something that doesn’t really need to arrive on time (or ever) and isn’t that valuable in the first place. Works 99% of the time, but that one percent will attract a monstrous amount of heat on the receiving party…particularly if they catch a lot of little packages at the same time.

Happened to a buddy of mine and he was a guest at a federal institution for about 3 years or so. He’s STILL mad at the shipper…