Here’s the backround: OG love who cheated on you back in the day. Do you ever give her a second chance, or just do’er in the butt and talk shit? She was 17 at the time, now is 21. Thanks for feedback serious and otherwise.

give her 4-5 more years she will have gotten it all out of her system by then.

donkey punch.

dirty sanchez

No way, mdog. Once a cheat, always a cheat, and I speak from experience.

Like the old saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

Run away, RB. Far, far away.


There’s a chance that’s she’s changed her evil ways. As they say in “Clerks”

“That’s what high school’s all about-algebra, bad lunch, and infidelity.”

But you have to have to keep her on a short leash. If you even suspect that she’s cheating, or even thinking about cheating, you have to leave her. Make this exquisitely clear to her at the outset, and make sure there’s no misunderstanding, and you could be okay.

But is it worth it to have that level of vigilance over a relationship? There are about 3 BILLION other women in the world. I’m sure one of them has all the good qualities that attracted you to her in the first place, without that pesky cheatin’ thing.

Danny “The Love Doctor” McV

I might give that a try considering her young age at the time, and the amount of time that has since passed. She should have had plenty of time now to comparison shop and figure out what she wants.

I think it would really depend on exactly what she did in the past and whether I could get over that without wanting to ask those “Why did you do it?” questions. There is never a good answer for those.

Please, take Ice Cube’s advice.

In most people there is a thing called maturity that develops with time. It’s what happens when you do something stupid, self centered, or insensitive and learn that you aren’t the only one on the planet. She MIGHT have learned from her mistakes of the past and changed her outlook. I guess that’s for you to determine. There is no cut and dried rule.

Yo speaking from experence 21 is not a good age for a girlfriend type girl,they have this new freedom so i would wait until she is 24-25 when that shit is out of her blood…too bad she will probably be tainted by then though…sorry bro just alittle advice

filthy trombone

Thanks. I was pretty much thinking the same ‘what about maturity?’ and ‘once a ho always a ho’ shit. She’s just so damn fly it’s a problem. I’d appreciate others opinions on the subject (ladys?) and if anybody feels like talking about licking assholes thats ok too.

oreo cookie, followed by the filthy trombone. First things first.

WTF is the “filthy trombone” and “oreo cookies?”

i know but SOME grow out of the whoring stage. they are jsut as bad if not worse than us until they hit 25ish, then they freak out about not having

“Never go down the same road twice, advice from the big hommie Ice cube”

Fuck all my ex-bitches

Not sure about the oreo cookie. Filthy tombone is when you have your ass eaten from the back while she jerks you off…get it kinda like playing the trombone.HAHAHA.


Best quote ever.

All I gotz ta say is…


Jimmy “One Nut” Saint

Did she cheat on you like taking it from another guy, or some stupid 18 year old make out or something?

And dude, definately consider the dog helmet.

You go a point, mdog but damn. Look at the odds.

Even if you say most girls eventually grow out of it, if you’ve been fucked once, do you want to hang around and see if it happens again?

Not me, man.

Hurt too much when I walked in and found her doing the dirty deed with the fattest phuck I’d seen in a long time.

And we were married…

Clincher is, she looked me up years later and wanted to knob my job while she was still married to another guy!!