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Trust My Doc?

Okay so I’ve posted a few threads on here about my surgery but I have one more question to ask. I had surgery 12 weeks ago and was left with an open wound on my tailbone (yes on my buttcrack, and yes it sucks). Anyways I haven’t squatted since the surgery but I have been able to do deadlifts and recently some leg extensions. I have been going to a wound center once a week and they say it is healing well, but slow.

There is still an open wound about 2 cm long by 1.5cm deep. The people who do my wound care (hospital employee) have told me no squatting until well after the wound closes and new tissue is strong. However, I talked to my surgeon today (the one that did the operation) and he said I could start squatting again. Unbelievably I can actually get down into the bottom of the squat without any pain. I want to start squatting again instead of waiting 5 or so more weeks. Should I go with what the surgeon said? I ask because I’m not sure he knows what a real squat looks like.

Oh also this is the second time I have had this surgery, previous time wound was partially sewn shut. I was able to squat with the partially open wond before after surgeons approval, however that one never closed which led to my next surgery. He attributed it not closing to other factors other than me squatting though. Like I said I want to start again really bad, and I know ultimately its my decision. I just wanted some input cause Im having a hard time deciding whether to start again or not. Thanks for any replies I get

On average over the last 20 years more than 100,000 people trusting doctors/hospital/medical people die yearly just in the USA(just from mistakes). Trust them if your life is not important to you. I would add 5 weeks to before you are sure it is safe so in best scenario in my opinon absolutely not before 10 weeks.
You have hundreds of muscles, i bet you can focus elsewhere if you want.
All the best !

THanks for the opinion. I’m struggling with the situation though as I’ve already lost 12 weeks of squatting and I’m really not looking forward to getting any weaker. I’m not a competitive powerlifter but I have goals set and I hate to keep falling behind on those. I’m tempted to start because I have been doing body weight squats and I can get into a full deep squat without any discomfort. I know things change once you put a weight on your back though

I do understand your position but being patient/wise may pay you big in the long term. Getting back strenght/muscles is way faster than the first time around so loosing is no biggie.

I’ve been known on more than a few occasions to tell people to get an in-person exam. I also state that they should seek second or more opinions or report back to the forum and give an update. I do this because, YES, there are many MDs out there that absolutely positively belong in the bottom of a very active volcano.

The people at the wound care center specialize in the healing of various wounds. They do this all day, every day. They are the ones who know the most up-to-date information on the subject. Listen to them. The squat rack and weights will always be there.

I should have clarified. My surgeon also works in the wound care center, I just have classes on the only day he is available to see me. Thanks for the good advice though. Haha this is a tougher decision than I thought it would be

The conservative approach gives you a higher probability of avoiding complications. I realize the doc has de jure superiority over those working in the wound center. However, I would not be surprised if those “lower ranking” folks are the de facto experts.

If you start squatting - even lightly (if you have that level of discipline) - your body will now have another thing to recover from. Let it focus on just wound for now.

And don’t kid yourself; waiting the extra time to start squatting again won’t rob you of any precious PRs down the road. Like I said, the squat rack and weights will always be there.

Ultimately, it’s your decision. But if it was a family member in your place, I’d do everything in my power to make sure the wound is completely healed first.