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Trunk Muscle Imbalance (Caused by Hip Issue?)

Hi guys.Recently I find that I have trunk imbalance issue (Left side is way stronger than right side)which may caused by my hip imbalance.(I am not sure what issue it is since I have tried many stuff and it never got fixed)
When I squat.After the walk out my truck has a mild anticlockwise rotation (or rotate towards my left side)It also happens when I overhead press and not very obvious when I deadlift.
And the muscle imbalance is pretty serious I think, I can literally touch the difference(but not obvious in photograph.Can only be seen in perfect light condition).To be honest,I’m freaking out.I just recovered from my knee and glute injury so the weight is not heavy right now and I don’t feel any uncomfortable after training(But my left side low back is much sore than my right side during training.)
Do anyone know something about that?
I’m thinking about adding more core training focus on my right side but I really don’t think core is the issue…

Would recommend seeking professional guidance. But hit and miss trying to self diagnose and treat. You’d probably be unsuccessful or end up causing new problems.

See a physical therapist/physiotherapist and show them your squat and have a chat about all your perceived issues one by one.

In the mean time try not to do anything that makes your symptoms worse

It’s pretty hard to find a physical therapy who knows about lifting or sports in China, even in Shanghai Only in those highly cost clinic can you find them.I have seen some but to be honest, It’s completely waste of money
I can only try to figure it out myeslf befor I can afford it…
But thanks anyway.

Glutes control the hips.

Get the weak Glute as strong as the other Glute! Level out your hips, stand straighter, balance your Chi.

Also get the weak leg and weak oblique as strong as the ones other side.

Thanks.I’ll add more work on my right side.I did have a glute injury on my right side for a very long time and before the injury I have no hip issue so I guess that could be part of the reason of the my hip control issue.:joy:

You might be seeing the effects of your previous injury. You might not be fully recovered yet. Fully recovered means EVERYTHING is back to normal including any muscles that may have atrophied due to the injury.

Finish your rehab/recovery and then worry about getting back to normal training.

Sorry your resources are poor. I have a chiropractor who has a device that can track your movements and show you if there’s an imbalance (squat and see if your weight shifts to one side more than the other). I haven’t done it yet but I definitely need to try it.