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Trump: The Third Year



Which was cute. In limited polling some areas showed equal support. Then reality set in.

LOLOLOL. So, Carson and Cain were both defeated by the all powerful media, with accusations of misconduct. Then GRAB EM BY THE PUSSY Donald fucking Trump comes along, and receives INCREASES in votes/polling AFTER the accusations come out.

The media dug up dirt on every single candidate on both sides of the aisle in every election. Welcome to the world lol. I personally think it’s shocking that a black candidate for the GOP is never able to survive the first piece of dirt.

  1. Which looks to include the post-scandal reporting.after the crashes. What am I missing?

  2. So, the numerous mainstream articles reporting on the time about the disastrous effects of the scandals are what then? I’m sorry, but the press reports from the time back my my claim. Booth men were on fire, if not front-runners, until mass reports about them began to drag them down early on.

These black candidates were surging within the GoP until the the mainstream media destroyed them. Cain’s numerous alleged sexual assaults. Carson’s alleged fabricated background in his biography.


"For months, Herman Cain languished on the margins of the Republican presidential campaign. But in the past few weeks, something happened that even Cain did not see coming. He became a front-runner for the nomination.

The Atlanta businessman has shot up in the polls and become a ubiquitous presence on national television. His “9-9-9” plan to reform the tax code has become a household term. His sense of humor and upbeat style have injected a bit of light into a campaign that has centered on the gloom of the economy."

Guys, I’m sorry, but my recollection is backed up by common reporting of events at the time.


That nobody voted for them, comparatively.

They’re the catalyst that let the GOP easily swallow kicking the black guy to the curb. While the white guys had 10x the allegations and still survived with ease.

Right. So alleged allegations (and the all power MSM) FORCED the GOP to stop supporting them. We also have a recording of Trump talking about grabbing women by the pussy. One was a neurosurgeon, the other was a reality TV star.

It’s not that big of a deal to accept that the GOP isn’t going to be electing a black guy. It’s pretty wilddly accepted.

If you actually look into it, instead of just googling articles that say he was a front runner in some polls (note, never received a single vote), you see his ‘achievement’ here doesn’t count for jack.


He crashed after his biography was reported/alleged to have been heavily fabricated.


GASP. Well that would have taken down any white guy with the GOP…


No, Trump said he just grabs them by the “pussy.” Multiple women alleged actual assault against Cain.



I have lived it and looked into it. Any article after mainstream articles supports exactly what I claimed. Numbers tabulated after they were sunk by reporting isn’t germane to what I said. Both of the men were on fire within the GoP. Then they got rocked by mainstream reporting. Not some racist republican conspiracy.


That was for the grab them by the pussy comment. Cain didn’t run against Trump, btw.


Very happy to agree to disagree here. Very silly convo to even be having.

Have a good one


It is silly. Multiple mainstream media outlets reported on the catastrophic effect of their own reporting on men who were considered frontrunners. It isn’t even an argument.


You’re right. I always forget the all powerful media and it’s crippling control over society reigns supreme over all else.


Why are you insisting on making me sound like some Alex-Jones kook? I’m citing multiple mainstream sources.

Not even a Fox News, National Review, or Daily Wire article. Just plain everyday mainstream media reporting in their own words.

I’m not the one flirting with conspiracy here.

Edit: One thing about Obama, is that he at least had a rather respectable character. Sure there were nit-picks from the right, especially the alt-right. However, the mainstream media didn’t destroy him, basically. Cain and Carson didn’t have that luxury. They simply didn’t. And it wasn’t because of some racist GoP conspiracy. The media was eager to report on two controversial (black conservatives with unpopular opinions about politics and race that didn’t fit identity politics expectations) front runners


It’s not conspiracy. It’s very simple cause and effect. Every election cycle is the EXACT same. If you get enough support to get onto the ballot, on either side of the aisle, the media is going to throw dirt at you. The closer you are to the top, the more dirt. Welcome to politics.

So what happens when dirt gets thrown? Some people survive, some people don’t. Typically stronger dirt equates to less survival. In the case of the GOP, any dirt, regardless of how small, on any black candidate, instantly tanks their run for office.

Meanwhile, the white guys seem to hold on anyways. The white guys seem to retain support from the GOP despite MOUNTAINS more dirt overall, both in seriousness and volume.

So every cycle, the same thing happens. Talking heads get going, race begins, dirt starts flying. Upon the first lovetap, all black republicans have been cleared from the field (and typically all women), the all powerful MSM sits back and goes “well shit that was fast.”

I’m not saying ‘the media’ isn’t the reason they lost support. I’m saying (for some reason) black people aren’t able to survive any amount of dirt, while white people seem to keep going. Every time.

Edit: Anyways, this is dumb. 12 days ago was back home to visit family and literally (once again) witnessed the flag of Obama on a noose over my grandpa’s fireplace. The GOP not having a black problem is a joke.


Cain ran in a cycle where Mr. Squeeky clean Romney was presumed and ultimately won. It wasn’t really “Black guy with lots of dirt” against “white guy with lots of dirt.”

Later, Trump came along and ultimately beat everyone, squeeky clean boring whites, or not.

And I’m sorry about your relatives. Hasn’t been my own experience.


Squeeky clean Romney easily had 10x the dirt Cain ever saw (not to mention those Romney beat). Cain never even got to the point where his name was on the ballot. Guy couldn’t survive round 1 of 10.

Eh it’s been the experience of a ton of people. Most of all every black candidate to ever run on GOP side.


Also, I remember, interestingly enough, complaints by anti-Trump republicans that the mainstream media actually seemed to be rather soft on Trump.


Of the widely and frequently reported multiple past sexual assault type of dirt? Or, more like, where is Romney’s income hidden? Offshore accounts? Sorry, the public mostly can’t understand that kind of financial dirt and who is right/wrong. Or, what is legal and illegal.


The Guardian, now.
"Herman Cain, one of the frontrunners in the Republican race for the White House, faces more questions over allegations of sexual harassment after making contradictory comments within the space of just a few hours.

He dismissed allegations of sexual harassment against him as a “witch hunt” but failed to quell the clamour that grew during Monday.

Over the course of two public appearances before the media and a series of television interviews on Monday, Cain went from initially saying he was unaware of any of the women receiving settlements over the claims to later admitting there had been a settlement."

Cain was a hit with republicans. Until early on enough he was caught lying about having any knowledge of the settlements. I don’t know what else to say here.