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Trump: The Third Year


I don’t know, it seemed like they were ready to back Herman Cain prior to the sexual assault accusations going public. I remember he was huge with the Tea Party.

Then there was Ben Carson. He was sunk by some reporting on his past, also.

And my impression is that Trump won because white Democrats crossed the line post-Obama.


That’s that, I guess.


I think Trump still claims he doesn’t know Putin


(…nor Manafort…nor Stormy Daniels…blah, blah, blah…)



Actual numbers show laughable results for both of them.


Prior to the scandals?

I remember Herman, for instance, as roaring to life until the sexual assault accusations came pouring in. He seemed like a serious hit with repubs/T-partiers. 9-9-9! Then, the accusations.

"The 65-year-old Cain, a former pizza company executive with no experience in political office, has been running neck and neck with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for the lead in polls of Republicans considering who will be the nominee to face Democratic President Barack Obama next year."


"Carson’s dip follows a series of unforced errors, including a flap over his assertion that China is involved in the Syrian conflict and his struggle to answer what nations he would call first to form a coalition against the Islamic State. He also has come under increased scrutiny for the stories he has often retold about his violent childhood and his religious redemption that helped him to become a highly successful pediatric neurosurgeon.

After surging in the early fall, nipping at the heels of Trump and even surpassing him in some polls, Carson appears to be settling back down in some surveys."


Lolz, I know ignore her, but she’s everywhere!


It’s looking like the Right will “keep her in check”.



They’ll do as good a job at that as the left has with keeping Trump in check.



You’re probably right, @zecarlo!

She does seem to be becoming the “new Boogeyman/Boogeywoman” for the Right…and is being held up as “the” representative of the Democratic Party.

She better humble herself, and learn a thing or two about survival and how Washington works from “the Master” herself, Nancy Pelosi…or she is destined to flame-out as fast as she came in.


Yup. They had laughable votes in every arena they showed up to.

Carson had like 3% of the vote before he finally stopped wasting everyone’s time, and iirc Cain never received a single vote.


Back to Trump…

Calling a National Emergency to get the Wall funded AND built…

Ummmmm…interesting strategy.



Yea…it was a nice “tease”.

Cain and Carson were never going to get even close to the nomination.



Tlaib’s comments about the “MF” President were completely out of line…

But Trump…of ALL people…calling something “disrespectful”?


It’s almost like when you run a campaign based on disrespecting your opponents, you breed an environment of disrespect


Could you source that? I want to see at what point this number reflects. Both articles reported at the time that each man had surged to competing with the front runner, and then crashed when the MEDIA (not the evil racist GoP) began to air dirt on them.


Sure they could’ve. Then the media begia to dig up dirt on them. You can think the mainstream media for their crashing back down to earth.

I do think race plays a factor. But, in the sense that any black Republican had better be squeaky clean. Not because of the evil racist GoP, though. No, because the media will jump at the chance to destroy black conservatives.

And then the same mainstream media that reported on his rise to frontrunner, jumped on the stories of women making sexual assault claims against him. And so Cain plummeted back down to earth.


Well…I guess it was possible…