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Trump: The Third Year


Sure, it’s not like I’ve never been wrong about politics, lol, but ask yourself when is the last time you heard him or someone else use the nickname prior to her announcement? I haven’t seen it since her DNA test came out (which was more recent iirc).

True, but remember he was against a Secretary of State that let a US ambassador die on foreign soil, didn’t serve either, has no love for veterans or the military, and he promised the veteran community a bunch of stuff (fixed VA, pay raises, etc…).

You’d be surprised how many Vets are okay with his bump stock ban simply because they like Trump for their own reasons. Veteran’s, whether it’s fair or not, do not view the left / Dems as having their back.


Not for a POTUS race it doesn’t. Not to the same extent. I’m not saying do the daffy duck routine and put someone out there with a “shoot me” sign this week. But they will have to put someone forward sooner than you’d like.

Sitting presidents’ parties’ always get shellacked during midterms. It wasn’t even that bad for a midterm, would have been better if the rinos didn’t all quit lol.

Hillary out fundraised and organized Trump by ALOT and the Clintons may not help someone else raise cash. I don’t think Obama will help the 2020 candidate too much either.


So the nickname died until (and immediately) she reentered the spotlight in any way? How is that supposed to equate to ‘get the nicknames out early.’ wouldn’t the hypothetical Dem frontrunner remain in the spotlight until at least election day?

Doesn’t that kinda resonate with my whole ‘vets rarely vote Dem thing?’

Well it was the best election in terms of seats gained in either of our lifetimes. So it was the worst GOP midterm of your life.

I guess time will tell


Like I said, once you hear it a million times you just kinda roll your eyes. It loses it’s punch if it had any to begin with.

If 40% of a group likes vanilla ice cream and 60% likes chocolate would you say that group rarely likes vanilla?


This is not my experience with nearly every right leaning person in my family. Maybe I’m just extrapolating from my anecdotes.

Fair enough. I guess 40% isn’t really that bad compared to other demographics


At what point would you stop supporting then if it’s unacceptable to you? Because right now it reads like you’re dancing around the issue. Trump gets a pass from you on his countless lies because “uhmm, other people lie to you know!?”

And I get that he isn’t the first politician to lie, distort the truth, or say something mean about someone else. The level of lying, the non stop childish behavior, his inability to have respect for anyone (especially those who served under him), etc raises to an unprecedented level.

Do you think Trump’s behavior is something kids should emulate? Do you hope future presidents tweet and behave in the same manner as Trump currently is?


Pretty spot on. We just elected a reality TV star. We can look forward to a country music star vs. a rapper for both teams shortly. Not knowing shit doesn’t actually matter.


If the new rule is that liars can’t be politicians, then we wouldn’t have any politicians. Politicians lie, everybody lies.


I said that in my post he wasn’t the first one to lie…Trump isn’t special there. And honestly half his lies I believe are because he pays so little attention to what he’s said before or can’t remember it. He doesn’t have time for preparation before tweeting, deep thinking, etc. Which is something else I hope our next President doesn’t copy.

But I know supporters would be like “he shoots from the hip!” or some other stupid comment for him not having an ounce of dignity. (Oh excuse me, he doesn’t bow down to PC culture!)


Children should never be encouraged to emulate politicians of any kind. Doing so is child abuse in my book. People who seek power tend to be really bad people. Even the romanticized leaders were really bad people.

George Washington started the French and Indian war by disobeying orders and slaughtering a peaceful French messenger detachment. Then he lied about it.

JFK was banging women he wasn’t married to in the White House.


I get what you’re saying, but let’s not water down child abuse…


Ok, here is my position.

  1. Didn’t vote Trump in primary
  2. Did vote for him as the lesser of 2 evils & based on his voicing of being against globalism and abortion, and in large part stating a willingness to appoint conservative judges
  3. Didn’t contribute to his campaign fund, don’t watch his rallies nor listen to his public statements/press statements etc
  4. Am still in agreement with: fair trade, not policing the world, maintaining our borders including a hard structure across the south, and not exporting our jobs
  5. Do not believe the Dossier has any validity, unsure if there is an actual Russian connection
  6. Believe wholeheartedly that his ideological enemies have been churning indignation against him since he entered the race, whether fair for pointing out his many character flaws or unfair for acting counter to office they hold, the country in general, and/or the Constitution
  7. While not my preferred instrument of bettering America, I don’t feel that any Conservative or GOPer has been successful in combating economic/social ills that have swept the West and have emanated from Leftist (read Communist) Intellectuals, until Trump popped up.

So do I love the guy, hope my granddaughter uses him as a model, etc?
No, but I prefer him to a future of a continuation of the changes that are profoundly more despicable than a boastful clown, whose actions have, mostly be in check through having zero political allies (whether his fault or not).


Emulate may have been a poor choice of words. Based on how he treats others publicly where everyone can see and how he talks about others (again in front of everyone) I’m not sure I would want to have my daughter watch the President give a speech.

That seems crazy to me. Regardless of what anyone thought about the politics of Obama, GW, Regan or any of the Presidents of my lifetime I can’t think of them as being someone I would not want my daughter to listen to on TV or read what the President is putting out on the internet.

Plenty of people have done shady stuff behind closed doors. Trump will treat people like piles of dog shit right for the entire world to see. Like he’s some worker getting off a 12 hour shift and not the President of the US where everyone watches him.


This one surprised me for sure.

You do an awful lot of defending of a guy you don’t listen to or read statements of. Is there a particular reason you don’t like hearing it from the horse’s mouth?


I guess my long post did not really answer so

I will support him as President until he actually does something that is treasonous, not just studied for years by a independent counsel, or a comedian who hates him for no longer supporting abortion, or an indignant journalist that hates him because he once said wall and now it’s a fence, or some talking head on the webz because he said his inauguration was the biglyest


I will read the written transcripts, but can’t stand to listen to his droning on in superlatives and poor speaking skills. Just like everyone else here. :slight_smile:


One of the best historical anecdotes about JFK is when he tried to establish a personal rapport with Konrad Adenauer, then Chancellor of West Germany during his visit in the White House in 1962.

They went out on a walk in the White House grounds and JFK, trying to find a common topic to bond with Adenauer, confided to the fiercely religious 75 year old Chancellor that he has to sleep with a “different woman every day - preferably in all orifices - in order to stave off massive headaches”

It didn’t have the desired effect and it took the whole day for the visibly shaken Adenauer to regain his composure.


@H_factor (or any of you):

Could you even BEGIN to imagine the outage, protest AND most likely worse; had President Obama acted like; and directed his ire toward; the Right with just a fraction of the vitriol that Trump does; on almost a daily basis; toward both the Left and/or those who simply disagree with him?

I don’t think he would have lasted even half of his first term.


The right’s hatred for Obama (and HRC by extension) led them to entirely new heights. Despite how the right has had a stronghold in the vast majority of political arenas, many people will fight tooth and nail to insist none of these issues are at their feet, and the dirty liberals ruined everything.

Not that you don’t see animosity on both sides, but putting a black guy in the white house sure pissed off a ton of people. Tack on letting homosexuals gasp get married, and you’ve got a powder keg for the worst of us to make themselves known. Now they’re just so happy to feel like they ‘won’ putting Trump in office.

Hell with the changes in health costs / overall normalization / etc I don’t have any family back home that are better off now than pre Obama. The one’s of us that moved are doing alright, but back in the Republican STRONGHOLD of WV, it’s just a win not to be wondering if your heroin has too much fentanyl in it.


That was always the proverbial “Elephant in the Room” for sure…