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Trump: The Third Year


Anyone know if Kenye has a Top Security Clearance?



So much winning.


Trump is a leftist joke. More spending, more debt, gun control ( Fix NICS), funding planned Parenthood, increases domestic surveillance CLOUD Act), higher consumer taxes (tariffs), no meaningful deregulation. Guy is an absolute clown who pulled the GOP further left.


I don’t think any of this is a big deal. He’s talking about the real issue John McCain. Democrats haven’t even denounced his corpse yet.

I’m voting solely on the anti-dead guy platform. I like my war heroes to never die.

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You’re looking in the wrong place(not just McCain, but any “hero”).


The Onion…true journalism at it’s absolute finest!


It’s really nothing like it used to be, but it’s still got some gems here and there.

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One of my long time and also current favorites is duffelblog. It’s the onion but for the armed forces…there are so many gems on there it’s amazing.


Yup, I know duffelblog, 4 years in the Marines.


This got sent around the yard, I nearly cried laughing


Dude I did NOT SEE THAT, I am dying hahahahahaha

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As a guy 68 days away from saying goodbye from Annapolis, this hit hard haha. All day just people going around making jokes about it. There’s also one about Marines bribing University of Phoenix officials that a Major here showed us, that was pretty good

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That is absolute gold!

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The Mueller Report has been turned over to the AG.

Think the Country is split now?

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

God help us…

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The Mueller report will not recommend indicting the president and will be spun by both sides as proof of them being right all along. Trump’s troubles lie in the Southern District of NY, where his financial crimes will see the light of day.


These guys are NOT messing around.

Ask John Gatti (if you could!) and a few other high-profile people they have taken down.

Trump does not intimidate them, President or not.

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Meanwhile, I’d love for a Trump supporter to explain this to me. Trump reversed his administrations decision to put more sanctions on North Korea. Sarah Sanders explained that Trump did this because he “likes Chairman Kim.” Is this real life?


I think kim complimented his hair or said he was in great shape or some other bullshit compliment. Trump is a sucker for those.
Not exactly a great way to make foreign policy decisions.


If you think Trump had a ego bigger than is ass before the Mueller Summary…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

Emboldened after his “win”; Trump stated today:

"…I mean it 100 percent…I understand health care now, especially very well…"

Please. God help us…please…