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Trump: The Third Year


I’ve said if a “normal” Republican was in the White House right now 2020 would be game over. Dems would be running someone to run someone like Dole in 96.

Trump has everything on his side. Strong economy, no serious foreign policy quagmire, power of the incumbency. For his approvals to be this low with these conditions is crazy.

I don’t view any of this stuff right now as the single silver bullet that takes him down and he’s going to have a shot at a 2nd term, but he’s greatly decreased his chances for victory with his continuous unforced errors.

If the economy shows any signs of faltering before 2020 he has no chance. If it stays hot and the Dems run someone far left I think he has a pretty solid shot. If the Dems don’t do that I wouldn’t bet on him. I’m leaning against a win for him right now and a few months ago I would have been the other way.


It’s been a good number of his close people confessing to felonies so far. Jailtime, the entire investigation paying for itself (which will invalidate that talking point during the debate only). Not to mention an in depth govt sponsored investigation of a foreign country fucking with our election feels pretty good right meow.

He’s only an embarrassment if his benchmark was a slam dunk :wink:


I agree wholeheartedly, I just suspect disruption right now.

Also, all of you ignoring the orb angers the orb.


Which is, in my opinion, the key to him sinking or swimming.

Oh, he was per se bad. Waaaay too much baggage to harm the baggage train that is the Trump presidency.


Oh I don’t even care about a collusion thing. Society was ‘woked’ to the concept that Russia fucked with us. That means people are watching this time. Huge win in my book, considering Russia seems to really favor the guy I’m not fond of.

I think it’s silly to act like it didn’t harm Trump. It absolutely harmed Trump, it’s just to what degree. At the low low price of a scumbaglawyer esque goat.


Granted. My suspicion is little, but I’m open to being wrong.

Trump revels in excrement though, so I can’t see him losing a war of flinging it.


I can’t ignore it. It’s just the weirdest damn thing I’ve ever seen.

I think they do that, then eat a baby, then do some wierd stuff with their dicks or something.

Maybe not in that order though.


I am pretty sure that we can count on the DEMS to snatch defeat from the jaws of Victory if the current crop is all they got…

And Trump has proven to be as Lucky (if not more so) as any of the famous Criminals I mentioned earlier. Barring any major International Crisis…and an economic cycle that continues in his favor…he will get a second Term…


Let me agree with, and add to, something that was said earlier…

Two groups can piss on Trump’s Parade (IMO):

The Iranians, and
The Southern District of New York (which has brought down more than one Criminal Enterprise in their history).

(I think Putin is smart enough to “play it cool”…and Kim is basking in the International Attention and the American Porn he enjoys…)


(@SkyzykS and others…why do you think we don’t we get more credit for the quality of our Porn? )


It’s like baseball and apple pie! Nothing says freedom like big fake knockers with an affliction shirt tattooed across them.



And “maybe” Capone knew of the “Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre”…



Belief without evidence is faith.

What do you think of Schiff and the Dems prepping Cohen for his show testimony? Which he admitted during the testimony.



Don’t think for one instance that because I think Trump is a lucky criminal headed for a second Term (MAGA!)…that I am by some default a fan of the DEMS.

I am not.

The DEMS are just the other side of the same corrupt coin.

What Trump Fanboys better hope for is that his luck doesn’t run out.


Looks like Trump is leaving Vietnam without a deal with Kim…

(What a SURPRISE…!)


This one actually does surprise me considering Trump seems to like authoritarian leaders so much. I fully expected a deal that would benefit NK a lot and us obviously not at all (because they can’t benefit us)


Love him or hate him, he’s doesn’t mince words


Your family has lived in its beliefs, attitude, and circumstance for 70 years, yet your yearly Christmas visit of 2 days haven’t caused them to come over to your way of thinking yet.

See the similarity?


They’ve come over to my way of thinking on a slew of things, mostly personal finance related. I do most of their taxes and help some of them manage funds.

I’m not sure how that relates to what I said though


No he does not, @usmccds423

He seems very angry most of the time…but he seems to always tell it straight…