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Trump: The Third Year


@Mufasa I thought you’d enjoy this take. I saw somewhere that FB reported Russian Troll accounts spent $4,700 on ads for Trump. The meme went on to point out the Clinton Foundation got $152 million from Russian Oligarchs.

No matter what happens, brace for spin.


“In a prepared opening statement to the committee, Cohen testified that Trump is a “racist,” a “con man” and a “cheat”.”

Are people out there still denying this? I’ll look into things more but that jumped out to me. We don’t need a hearing to say the sun is hot. Of course Trump is all those things I would think all but his most ardent supporters would agree.


You must have low T.


This is my takeaway.



Every time I hear Trump (or one if his Minions) say “No Collusion!”…they sound like Al Capone or Lucky Luciano or Joe Banano or Sam Giancana, on and on…

Trump may be arrogant and dumb…but he is not stupid…

Very seldom (if ever…in some cases they did get their hands a little dirty)…do crooks get tripped up from directly committing any number of crimes. They paid people good money to do it for them…

While I may personally believe that Trump had a “whisper-in-the-ear/handshake-and-a wink” with Putin and Assage during the 2016 election…I don’t think that he was stupid enough to leave the “clear evidence” trail many of you are looking for.

Crooks have shown themselves to be much smarter than that.


Dude. That’s the direct quote of Cohen on the front page of the Washington Post “no evidence of collusion”

Not exactly a minion there. The very next articles are 5 more ways to prosecute Trump “if” Cohen is telling the truth.

Maybe Trump knew of collusion and authorized it. What we know after today is Cohen has no proof.


I wonder if anything else at this point even matters in the grand scheme of things. No matter what comes out about horrific things of Trump it seems to not matter to his supporters as it’s “not collusion.”

Have to wonder though if the left didn’t make this bed. I mean by constantly hammering on a direct connection between Trump and Russia with the election it seems like it’s covered up many other misdeeds. It’s also given the out of “well it wasn’t exactly him” doing it. It’s like Nixon being saved if he wasn’t the one who broke in to an extent. Direct proof I will be surprised if it exists.

I do think these type of things do have a cumulative effect on him however. At some point your approval rating is going to matter and we are in uncharted water with where it currently trends and his chances of re-election.


Hell have to debate the Dem nominee at some point lol. Sleeping dogs won’t lie forever


EXACTLY, @H_factor




I don’t think it would matter if they had direct evidence of collusion. (Like the dossier)They have baked all that in when they voted for him. In a lot of ways they are similar to his attitude of never admitting that you were wrong.


A meme…?


His supporters don’t believe any of that. They only believe what he tells them to believe. His actions prove all three points are true.


The dossier that’s had nearly every large point either disproven or had 0 support , paid for by a direct political opponent?


Directly contradicted by today’s testimony, albeit from a liar about another liar.

Calling it now, this moves the needle not a solitary angstrom.


Today’s testimony didn’t reveal much of anything new. The crimes that cohen implicated trump in are already in muellers radar.
Everything hinges on his report but I’m not to confident that the GOP will impeach him in the senate no matter what.
He just may be a lame duck unable to get anything through that can’t be done by executive order and we will have to let the voters decide in 2020.
But if I were him I would be very nervous about the folks in the SDNY. They are coming after the whole family.


I disagree. It’s all about negatively impacting voter turnout. His undying base isn’t THAT large. Absolutely nowhere near large enough to carry a win on their own. That’s why populism had to attach itself to the GOP ala Trump.

What I would give to be watching Jr as the check came out. I’m absolutely sure he already knew, but watching it live had to hurt


Here’s where I disagree. IF the Mueller report comes out without a major indictment, I think he will win a second term.

What happened today was a subpoenaed witness self immolating.

Mind you, I am a fool to make predictions in the post orb era.



I don’t know a reasonable person who genuinely thinks there’s a chance Trump gets INDICTED from the report. That’s mostly WaPo lefty stuff. There’s still a slew of oldschool Republicans that pretend to care about integrity.

I see him as the sacrificial goat from Jurassic Park. Except in this case it’s a scumbag fixer turning on his asshole of a boss. So I get to sleep like a baby about it.


I think that’s a genuine drag on Trump. If it comes up empty? I can’t see him not getting term 2.

But I don’t [quote=“pfury, post:941, topic:250592”]
Except in this case it’s a scumbag fixer turning on his asshole of a boss. So I get to sleep like a baby about it.

Oh, for sure. But anyone expecting him to be a slam dunk was a fool. He was an embarrassment.

All hail the orb.