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Trump: The Third Year


It would definitely be a subsidy to the media conglomerates.


Good stuff!

Another question then…

Even though we have a 2-Party System (not literal, but for all practical purposes); are we not already divided (roughly) into two, albeit VERY diverse and divided “coalitions”? (Right/Left-Liberal/Conservative)?


Eh, maybe. I see a far left, a far right, and a big middle with mixed and overlapping interests.




The same administration that has been screaming about Muslims and terrorists are trying to outfit the country responsible for 9/11 with nuclear technology.


and for ISIS…
and for the mutilation, torture and killing of an American Journalist…
and for some of the most restrictive interpretations of ISLAM on the Planet…

…and, and, and…

What is the deal with Trump’s hard-on for Saudi Arabia?

Is it because it’s not Iran?

(Got to get you in on this one again, @loppar…)


I’d guess he’s jockeying for some prime real estate to build on throughout the kingdom.

By the time he’s done here his name might be mud on this continent, but it will still mean something on that one.


No. No one gives a shit about real estate in Saudi Arabia, including the Saudis themselves. You have to understand the narcissism of mega real estate developers - they’re interested in leaving their mark (defiling if you will) on some of the worlds most iconic cities - you know, New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Moscow (yes, Moscow is an iconic city FWIW). No one cares about the tallest building in Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania or Dortmund Germany.

Building a vanity project in Jeddah? Every deranged Saudi prince already did that.

Honestly, I think MBS forked out half a billion in cash to Kushner, promising another billion cash once Iran is bombed.

That’s how they do business there, and I’m simply extrapolating the amounts.


Not just bombed, @loppar…but bombed with a Thermonuclear Tipped Tomahawk…


That’s my kind of government program


Dat socialism though!!!


I’ll vote for Bernie if he runs on a platform of selling military weapons to civilians to pay for his many social programs.


If I was Bernie I’d just say Mexico will pay for any new social programs.


I guess that’s as reasonable of a lie as saying the billionaires will pay for it.


The programs are for them anyway so it works out.


What does everyone think of the Cohen stuff so far? I haven’t had a chance to dig into anything yet as I’m just now taking a break from a work project. Just wondering opinions.


Cohen has no evedience of collusion, just suspicions. Then he called Trump a bunch of names. So… the right will play it and the left will play it. But Cohen had no smoking gun.

He said Trump coached him without coaching him before he testified in Congress the 1st time. Not sure what that means.


Trust the Plan, Stay the Course.

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Like everything else…what Cohen has to say will be “spun” by whatever Tribe one believes.

Trump, Sanders and every ally imaginable have called the guy every name possible. Heck…even many DEMS realize that the guys credibility is suspect.

And in terms of the word “Collusion”? I think that in the end, Trump will spin it in much the way that Clinton spun the word “Sex”.


Watching it now. Love him or hate him, he’s dancing around their inquiry like a pro in a room full of toddlers.