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Trump: The Third Year


Birthers and Alex Jones Sandy Hook deniers. And Obama is, I mean was, going to take away our guns before declaring himself Emperor. Also, death panels.


Are the real life outcomes other than the Sandy Hook debacle equivalent, though? Take Covington, for example. It was basically a non-event that got blown up on social media and made international news. If the argument was about the Right being able to come up with equally ridiculous things as the Left, then your point would be valid. But they’re not influencing advertisers, social media platform policies and the extent of media outrage.


Gosh darn it super well qualified Heather Nauret is withdrawing from consideration. She hosted Fox and Friends so she definitely knows what’s up.

And it shows how big the border problem is because she employed an illegal and whoops forgot to pay taxes in time.


Yes, but I’m talking about who appears most likely to be fall for untruths. It’s one thing to support aspirational policies that are unrealistic, even dumb, and don’t add up. It’s wholly another to believe anything that shows up on a meme as fact, which (again, anecdotally) seems to be worse on the Right than the Left.

AOC is in a league of her own, for sure, though. It really is, as you put it, as though she arose out of the primordial ooze of all things identitarian as the perfect “woke” avatar.

I actually don’t think she’ll be all that influential. Her boomlet of popularity owes as much to her missteps as her support. And she’s too angry at everyone who isn’t like her to do anything meaningful in Congress.


The president is a birther who is a fan of Alex Jones. Is that real world enough?


AOC is not really as radical as she is portrayed by the right wing. They just need a Boogeyman since Hillary can’t fill that role forever. If she is considered a revolutionary then we have diluted what that means.


Come on. This is just plain silly.



Obama wasn’t in the election. Even if we go by that logic, we might as well say Hilary won the popular vote because most of The Left hates White men.


I was using it as a demonstration of an incident in which millions of people believed something more far-fetched than faked moon landings and it was (is, depending on locale) perfectly acceptable.


Read the ‘Green New Deal’. It’s the blueprint for Cuba. Reading peoples’ bills and quotes isn’t doing them a disservice or portraying them unfairly.


Got it.

There’s a poll here that shows:

“Beliefs that Mr. Obama was born here increased across partisan groups: from 29 percent to 44 percent among Republicans; from 45 percent to 58 percent among independents; and from 67 percent to 82 percent among Democrats.”

Previously, only 48 percent of independants and 67 percent of democrats believed he was born in the US. It wasn’t only a phenomenon on the Right. Imagine what the numbers would look like with something equally ridiculous on the Left with most mainstream media today leaning left.


When applied to the population this translates to a difference of tens of millions of people.

Does an example exist?

I agree in a hypothetical sense Dems would probably bite on a Dem equivalent mouth breather story, but I haven’t seen one lately.





I wouldn’t know lol. Just speaking in hypotheticals here. The original issue was about social media influence, not this.


The birther movement was mostly pushed on social media :stuck_out_tongue:

It wasn’t until later that FoxNews ran the story once a week for a couple years.


Do you guys remember that young group of “firebrand” Conservatives (I think Ryan was one of them)…who were going to come in and really shake things up in the Halls of Congress of few years ago? (As I recall; they were even given a name…help me out here, guys…)

Well…I think that AOC, Rashida Tlaib , Ilhan Omar and the like are already about 10 minutes into their 15 minutes. They will only be kept alive by 1) the makeup of their very unique Congressional Districts and 2) the Right. (as someone said…Hillary Clinton can be the Elder Vampire for the Right only so long…)…

They may get to yell and scream at old White Guys ( who want to rip their hearts out while in front of a committee) during their 15 minutes…but I think that ultimately their “influence” will be nil…


Well, then the outcome was Obama still got reelected.


Telling people what they want to hear is not radical, it’s politics as usual.


And the era of fake news was born.