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Trump: The Third Year


What if there were no parties? If political parties were made illegal?


Voting Blocs would form around Religious, regional, economic and ethnic lines.

Then 2-3 Blocs would team up in a Coalition. As a result, the other Blocs would team up in response. No matter how strange the bedfellow teamups might be.

After that, big money interests would start trying to support the coalitions.


How did what we refer to as the religious right vote before the gop conned them into thinking they were the party of God?


Honestly, I’d be interested to know more about that topic. Being non political and non religious it’s pretty fascinating.

In Pres Kennedy’s time I think Catholics used to have to be Democrats, but then later went Pro Life, Pro Republican.

Way back in the 1840s Southern Baptists used to be anti-Republican(or anti Wig?) because they were more about farming and free trade less about industry and tariffs. After the civil war that shit got REAL complicated.

I’d imagine different “pieces” of what is now 1 group went back and forth over time.


You mean people who believe an unseen sky man controls everything and give money to people who talk about unseen sky man are easy to con?

I don’t buy it.


Preachers need private jets.


I think there’s a big difference between people who are religious because religion has been ingrained in them due to culture and upbringing, versus those who were never religious and suddenly decide religion makes sense to them.

Regardless, I’ve found more liberal minded people are actually easier to fool since conservative people tend to be more skeptical.


Skeptical or cynical?

Easy to fool, or optimistic?



The former.


I think it’d be hard pressed to give either side much of an advantage.

But nothing says skeptic like believing in an almighty being you’ve never seen. Or Iraq is filled with weapons of mass destruction.

Then again liberals believe in some socialist dreams that have no bearing on reality either.

I’d say considering Hilary and Donald Trump were the two main candidates both sides are easy to dupe.


Yeah, this part was just from my personal observation. Not calling it fact.

Point is, we shouldn’t write off religious people just because they believe in something absurd. There are lots of factors that go towards beliefs.


Write them off on what? I was also making a joke to zecarlo was the point of my original post on it.

I do think a vast majority of religion is because people have been presented it as fact and bathed in it since birth that the idea that it might be hogwash is something they have never even thought about.

I was raised Methodist and remember being blown away when my older brother told me he doesn’t think he’ll is real when I was 16. Granted I hadn’t given really deep thought to it but I was still like oh wow.


Apologies. I didn’t realize it was just a joke. Then we aren’t disagreeing about anything lol.


All good. Not shying away from a discussion on anything though. I have tomorrow off and the wife doesn’t!


While this is purely anecdotal, I find the opposite is true based on social media. The Right believes - uncritically and unskeptically - any “fact” presented on social media that supports their worldview.


Bullshit. 3 billion people were at Trumps inauguration. The liberal media doctored the overhead photos!


I don’t read much social media and I think I’m probably more on the Left than Right. The only time I really do read it is when there are news reports with links to twitter posts like the Covington issue. My general impression is that a lot of posters on the Left are lunatics lol. Therefore, I’m pretty careful not to confuse this with real life. If I watch youtube videos and read the comments from the Right, I just think they like whining a lot.


And, thinking about it, ridiculous things like “outrage culture” or “call-out culture” and the like are predominately Leftist online movements, aren’t they? We’re talking about movements vocal enough to rattle large advertisers and directly affect social media platform policies. While I admittedly don’t spend time reading the actual comments, the outcomes are pretty telling.


Have you seen this AOC character?

She’s an actual physical manifestation of the past several years of leftist whargarble.

Pic attatched for reference:


I’m misanthropic on any and all politics at this point. I’m going to worry about things I can control and probably tune out of all politics here this year. Either the system slowly rots and collapses while I’m paying attention and expending mental energy… or it can rot while I’m busy trying to live the best life I can… the outcome will be the same but my life will have been more fulfilling in the meantime.