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Trump: The Third Year


Cost/benefit, like always.



Only if he doesn’t remember doing it.


I am certainly in no position to speak for, or in behalf of, Evangelicals (AS A WHOLE)…but I can say this…if they ever use “morality” as Litmus test against ANY candidate…it will ring very hollow (for me).

And before anyone says “But we only had 2 choices…”…

No…voting for neither Trump NOR Clinton was an option (which I am sure some exercised).


Only one is relevant here: protection.

And are you including the metaphysical with cost/benefit?


He needs people willing to go to jail for him.


I mean, not really. Hillary endorsed further government takeover of healthcare, higher taxes, more regulation, more globalism and more RGB’s. Even a moderate Republican would pick trump out of self defense.


That was a reference to Reagan and the Iran/Contra scandal.


The evangelical voting block is full of absolute shit. It is a waste of time now for Republicans to pander to them. Give a speech for them from time to time and you’re good.

I mean if they turn out in record numbers for Trump you got nothing to worry about. Say horrific things, do horrid things to women, fuck whoever.

Kudos to people like Sloth who actually stood up and said he couldn’t support Trump. We couldn’t see the world more differently on most things but that is someone who practices what he preaches.




So was mine.


In a rational and logical world, of course it wouldn’t hold up…but those aren’t the days we live in I’m afraid. I don’t think it will hold up either, but I don’t want to have to watch the story unfold to find out!


I passed that point ages ago… I’m surprised you held on as long as you did


I have not watched a “pundit” show since Trump won; after Trump won the primary, I only watched the shows because it was like a train wreck I could not tear myself away from.


True story, @Aragorn

At one point I said to myself…"Okay…I am going to try and view “both sides” of an issue by listening to the hacks on both FOX and CNBC.

It became an exercise in absolute futility for me…

The feeding of extremely partisan “news”…that was very one-sided; embellished to support ones side; misleading and hypocritical; and oftentimes represented one-sided “truths” that you knew people knew were lies and half-truths…was more than I could take.

I was done.


Lucky for us all that over the eight-plus years of the Obama Administration; the Republicans had put together such a through, comprehensive and well-thought out plan that not only prevented this from happening…but was simply waiting for a Republican President’s signature…



You know they were planning to lose right? Nobody was more surprised by Trump’s victory than establishment Republicans.

Further, taking away or modifying an entitlement program once created is an exercise in political suicide. That’s why Nancy needed to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. The details (healthcare) weren’t in important, just creating another entitlement.

Non of the establishment Republicans had principles enough to lose their cushy job over it.

The reps removed the individual mandate, excuse me… the tax as the admin called it in court. That’s the only spineless win they could get without Dems demagoging them right out of office.

Please explain how the dems further fucking up US healthcare and the Reps being too weak to fix anything about it made sitting on your hands a good choice in 2016 when you look at the totality of both candidates.



So let’s wait for the non-establishment Republicans and Trump to come up with a plan?

What’s your point here, @Basement_Gainz?


Weren’t you arguing for voters to sit on their hands in 2016? Especially Republican voters. Just pointing out that would’ve have been a huge mistake, dispite Trump/Reps legion of flaws. Just imagine 2 or 3 more Sotomayors… say goodbye to the constitution. that alone makes Cheeto worth it regardless how dumb he is.


So, let me get this right - a Constitution trampling President is good as long as he prevents liberal justices from getting appointed? Because liberal justices are going to be the ones to destroy the Constitution?

That makes about as much sense as amputating your right leg to deal with an infection in your left one.


So a national emergency was fine the 59 times it’s been used previously, but when Trump does it it’s despotism? Considering every president in my lifetime trampled the constitution with impunity, what does it matter at this point?

I fully expect Trump to lose 2020. So if those justices are the only things standing between us and “free college for all, guaranteed jobs and universal healthcare” a.k.a. Venezuela. Then yes, worth it.

Full candor I think both parties are broken and not worth rebuilding. Hoping Shultz runs and that he never even winked at a woman 30 years ago, or doesn’t shoot himself on a park bench. I will door knock for him if he does run.

It’s time for 3rd parties.