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Trump: The Third Year


Guns are inanimate objects. Lack of access to healthcare does not “kill” people-it may not allow someone to be saved.


I don’t agree either, but taking into account the border being a deescalating situation and HC being an escalating situation would probably be the first step to the argument.

They’re basically inverses if you look at YoY numbers


Not disagreeing merely pointing out the slippery slope


None of this matters in a world where almost anything could be spun as a national emergency.


Could Pres Trump trade weapons to Venezuelan rebels for black market oil, then sell that oil for Wall money?


Now there’s a Tom Clancy novel I’d like to read… Only with a smarter president.


It’s hard to declare a national emergency needed for a border wall when 2017 had the lowest amount of apprehensions since 71. It also ignores the coasts, Canada, and those who overstay visas.

Trump is doing this because all his eggs are in the basket of this. He has to do something or attempt to do something when he has made it such a central issue of his. His hand has been forced and it’s a pretty weak one.

Go down this road and we turn into a dictatorship where every president declares a national emergency for a pet project. Now watch your green new deal type projects go through with no debates.

I just can’t see how those who even think the border is a massive issue want to do this. Make it your central issue for 2020 and get the votes needed from Congress when you take back the house and senate on it (not that I think that would happen).

Still Trump has never acted like someone who cares about future fallout.


That’s one reason I voted for him. Of course, I hope he refuses to leave after two terms(I also wish Obama had done that).

Let’s hope so.


You burn it all down people really do throw me for a loop.


I hope everyone suffers massively and we eventually overthrow the government!


Nope. Just remove legitimacy. No property damage. No war.


Because they didn’t build it, it’s easy.


How else do preppers get to live out th marshall law pandemonium fantasy? Blood in the streets let’s go!



Eh. Tomato tomato

Fair point. I’ve been wanting to put this Costco membership to better use…


I guess, if you believe the government is the only thing standing between you and war(like, I totally would’ve gone to war with Everywhereistania without the government)/property damage.


Oh, @H_factor

Trump has SAID that he doesn’t give a shit about the future…when it will all be “somebody elses problem…”.


I have gotten to the point that it is almost impossible for me to stomach the “pundits”/Talking-heads (e.g, Hannity, Maddow, et.al)…

But is would be “interesting”? to see how someone like Hannity spins this whole thing…


I’m not sure if spin is really gonna happen here. There was so much pre emptive spin last month when the national emergency possibility really sunk in.


Who is to stop them from going to war against us? Nations, in all of its forms, exist/existed for a reason.


They are the ones who have been pushing the emergency of this thing for forever. He doesn’t have to spin much. Like most Republicans they are only for limited government or the constitution when Democrats are in power.

Millions of immigrants are coming in daily and they are all drug carrying rapists and murders.