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Trump: The Third Year


Lol, that would be pretty funny.

I agree, it was pretty par for the course. The reactions have been funny. Watching Kamila Harris (sp) shake her head when Trump talked about ending sex trafficking was particularly ridiculous.


The whole don’t cheer/don’t look happy is so dumb. Obama/Trump/whoever can say stuff like I want to cure cancer and people are like “nah…not if it’s a Democrat/Republican idea. If it comes from them then I’m for cancer.”


I noticed that too. The grapes were mighty sour in that room.

That pep rally moment was priceless though. When he got all of the white coats jumping up and down talking about the progress women have made since the suffragist movement it looked like they all became THE NEXT CONTESTANT ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!

That was actually pretty cool though. A little acknowledgement goes a long way sometimes.


It was neat but also a little ironic. “We have more women than ever…and the other party put the vast majority of them in during this last election!”

So in a way Trump can claim credit for that.


Maybe a little. It becomes a question of whether the man makes the times or the times make the man.

Has this evolution of women’s advancement happened as a result of his election? Maybe. People really have hardened their resolve against him. Can’t know for sure whether or not the same things would happen with someone else. If our society is a crucible I’d say he definitely turned up the heat.


Yes! I enjoyed the meme going around about all the Democrat women on white dresses. “Havent been this many Democrats all dressed in white since they founded the Klan.”

Maybe one of her donors is a human trafficker. Plus he’s clearly saying that all brown people are human traffickers. Implied racism and all that, it is a dog whistle… like a blackface costume.


Wouldn’t that be some shit?

With the way these things play out and start getting downright brutal toward the end, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if someone tries to connect those dots.


What stood out to me with this article is that it one person said it would be difficult to get Canada and Mexico back to the bargaining table once NAFTA is cancelled.


Meh. I don’t love this event, but in any event, Trump did it “right” in the sense that it was a mix of self-congratulations and kumbaya. Some of the things he said were downright weird - investigations endanger our economic growth? - but he stuck to the script and we can all be thankful for that.

And I think it was also a tail-between-the-legs speech given Pelosi’s victory over him. He’d look clownish if he went full partisan firebreathing after the same partisan firebreathing got him whipped in the shutdown fight. He was smart to ratchet down the tone.


Yeah trumps line about no legislation if they keep investigating him was the most hilarious things I’ve heard in years. He has no idea how our government works. He just doesn’t get the checks and balances part of our constitution.
Ahh, but he will, stay tuned. This party is just getting started.



So this was on one of my friends Facebook pages just now. This post has everything. Yay Trump. Fucking wall man. Bible shit.



He probably doesn’t in general. But unless I missed something the Democrats don’t have a veto proof majority in the House and Senate. They can’t get bills signed into law without the president.

The comment in the SOTU was unnecessary though.


No they don’t but they are compelled by the the constitution to do meaningful oversight. They should do their jobs and let the chips fall where they will. Failure to do so will have much worse consequences.
If trump is innocent and it’s a witch hunt as he says, he has nothing to worry about but so far mueller has caught a lot of witches and many have been close associates of his.
Birds of a feather…


Oh… I thought you were arguing Trump didn’t understand the constitution in regards to the “no legislation” comment. Because he absolutely can stop legislation. I’m with you on the oversight, I think they’ll get him on taxes or obstruction and not direct contact with Russians.


That wall sure worked well. Religious people are as ignorant of the Bible as they are of history.


The wall is God’s will.


Have we had a President beg not to be investigated during the SOTU?

Clinton maybe did he say anything? I wasn’t watching them back then. I was playing Zelda on N64 then.


I’m not a crook but everyone I hang out with is.


Nehemiah may have been a eunuch.


He ain’t no Johnny Cochran, that’s for damn sure.