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Trump: The Third Year


I would wait till mueller releases his report before I would be so confident. Even I’ve got to admit that trump is like no other president ever(and not in a good way) so norms don’t generally apply to him. I’m still willing bet a few paychecks on him losing. Tbh, I’m not so sure he will run again.


Behold the face of austerity!


It’s not confidence in him. It’s confidence in the overarching stupidity of the populace.


Calling it now. Stone is being indicted to get at Bannon. Any takers?


Had to share. Guy I worked with had a buddy who signed him up for a DJT mailer list as a joke. He gets these types of surveys constantly.


This is a thought, @magnumd

Trump desires Power, Prestige and Ego Boosting…

I don’t think he ever, EVER wanted to be President of the Untied States…and I think he HATES the concepts of Balance of Power, Checks and Balances, Governmental Oversight, etc…and has shown that what he does admire are Strongmen and Absolute Power.

A Democratic Republic/Representative Democracy; with a Free Press and a Position that does not give one absolute Power is something that is completely antithetical to the man…

With that said…I don’t think his ego would let him NOT run again…but it is a possibility…


But the idea of having pelosi keep her thumb on him may be too much for him to handle. As you indicated he wants to be a dictator like the ones that he admires and our government does allow that.


What were those damn Founders thinking ???


I would posit that most politicians (certainly the leadership), CEOs, military leaders and such, all desire to run autonomously. All are in check due to some systemic guidelines. Otherwise, the natural progression always moves to a very few in charge.

There are very few benevolent dictators.


…based on OUR Polling…!

(Now things begin to make more sense…!)


Zero. There are zero. I’m sure even Cincinnatus did some bad things.

Most business leaders (billionaires at least) have way more power in their organization than the president does over the federal government. Yeah sure they answer to a “board” full of their lackeys and friends. Guys like Trump/Shultz/Buffet haven’t been told no in decades.


My wife has been a dictator since day one and she’s certainly not benevolent.


Executive time is a fancy way of saying tweeting, fox, and McDonald’s.


That’s what he does with most of his time. Lays his 400lb butt on the bed and watch Fox, eats fast food and tweet. That’s pretty much his schedule.


Consider your luck then that he spends his time doing that. Can you imagine if he put his mind to actually doing things?

The mind recoils.


This was my first thought on reading this story. A bunch of admin people going “well what the fuck do you want from us? We can’t just let him roam around the white house all day.”


I just wish he would learn to spell. We all have typos but he has them on a daily basis. A guy who doesn’t want foreigners in the country doesn’t really know English.


That’s my thought with every President ever. I wish they(and he) would all do nothing more.


No comments on the SOTU?


I thought it was fine, but it’s all grandstanding no matter who the President is. I didn’t think it changed much when Obama gave elegant speeches nor will it change much when Trump does. If I thought it would lead to actual changes in Trump’s character/governing style then I’d be on board. The ideas written by his speech writers and him were all pretty well laid out.

Honestly I think we could do without the state of the union. Probably costs a bunch of money for security anyways. And for everyone to always say the same thing. The state of the union is strong and we should work together.

Has anyone ever got up there and said “the state of the union is shit, I’m out of ideas, and screw the other side?”