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Trump: The Third Year


What leads you to believe this?


If she’s smart (which she is), I think she’ll wait. As much as Zeb and I disagreed, he was right that it’s very difficult for a party to win a third term and I expect Trump to be in office for 8 years.


No more that a feeling, @pfury


Based on? Pundits talking about her running? Or something she has said herself?

Has she even voiced that running is something she’d be interested in?


Call me a cynic…

US announces suspension of nuclear arms treaty

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Friday that the US is suspending the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, a key pact with Russia that has been a centerpiece of European security since the Cold War.

“Russia’s violations put millions of Europeans and Americans at greater risk,” Pompeo said, adding, “It is our duty to respond appropriately.”



Nothing more than a feeling, @pfury

As I said before…Haley is “under the radar”…

She is not getting herself involved in the current shit-show…she makes very select speaking engagements, and sounds very “Presidential” in her opinions…she is travelling and speaking all over the World…and all indications are that she is amassing an impressive “War Chest”…

If you want more than that…I don’t know what to tell you…


By war chest do you mean fundraising? I had seen something a while back that people are paying her for speaking engagements (lol) but nothing about fundraising





Haha clearly I do not. Have a good one



Naw…we’re good, @pfury!

Shrewd Politicians like Nikki Haley don’t “lay low” because they simply want to be out of the Limelight…quite the opposite.

Haley is revealing as much by what she is not doing… while other politicians are looking for every opportunity they can to reveal their stupidity…

(…and YOU have a good one too!)


Fair point

Serious question. Do you genuinely believe a woman has a chance of winning the GOP ticket nomination? Especially a post Trump GOP?


IF the GOP is smart.

It really is hard to me to often gauge these political constituencies.


Haley could. She was the most popular visible GOP face by miles. As to her actually winning a contested primary? Well, that’d be down to her performance at the time, wouldn’t it?


AND whether she gets knocked down a few notches by some skeleton in her closet.

(Politics are brutal…).

That possibility is always lingering out there.


I think it’s worth noting, much like when minorities run for POTUS on the GOP ticket, you don’t really get to have skeletons. Maybe 1. But it better be like a ‘i once skipped church’ kinda skeleton


Given how popular Condi Rice, Palin, Bauchman etc… all are with both “normal” Republicans and conservatives. Yeah, the right woman could win all day.

Plus the Democrats will probably try the whole rape accusation thing again. Women are way less likely to rape people and they’d shrug off that nonsense faster.


Are they actually popular? It was my understanding they all pulled an embarrassingly low number of votes/funding/etc

That’s going to help a woman win the nomination against other Republicans when only Republicans are voting?


Never looked at fundraising numbers. Just going by the air time they get and how they’re treated by the “conservative” news. Plus conservative women trigger lefties… so given that’s the only requirement nowadays. Haha

It would help in the general election to have someone inoculated from allegations. In unrelated stream of consciousness I think replacing RGB with a woman (provided Trump gets to) is almost a requirement at this point.


That almost sounds like Trump set the bar low enough for some of them to think they can win.

The travesty of that last election is that there was a big field of well qualified Republicans who got trounced.

It could be said that given “too many” choices, a lot of people are going to make a bad one. That isn’t necessarily a great strategy for the democrats to attempt.

With so many special interests and activist camps it could add up to a huge number of disenfranchised voters and leave the democratic party even more fractured.


Not sure what you base that on that trump will win a second term? He may not finish this one. If Vegas is taking odds on a second term, I’ll gladly take some of that action. It may take Haley till 2024 to rid herself of the trump stain.