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Trump: The Third Year


Coulter is a lot of things…but dumb is not one of them. I doubt she says or post anything that she has not given careful thought to and how it will benefit her “brand”.

If you put food on your table by being controversial, combative and abrasive; then that’s what you will do. Someone who supposedly studies history (albeit through a biased lens) the way she seems to do knows H.W. Bush’s history as well as we do.

Making him the epitome of the “wimp”; and stating it unapologetically; keeps her relevant, or at least in the spotlight to sell books and get lucrative speaking engagements.


It seems she’s piling on how Trump made it mainstream and encouragable to openly disrespect war heros and active servicemen.

Bet she makes millions on it


I read ill-will in this context to mean physical harm. That might not have been the intent, but that’s how I read it.

If I wished physical harm on anyone who’s schtick involved convincing parents to act against the best interest of their children and society I’d have to Frank Castle all of Hollywood and proabably 80% of the government…


Haha while I loved this line, there’s a sea of gray area between wishing ill will and going full punisher on society :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes she does…


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The funniest thing about Coulter, she and Bill Maher are friends that go way back. It’s like they made a bet in college: I’ll be an abrasive conservative media figurehead and you’ll be an abrasive liberal one and we’ll see who makes more money.


That’s funny, I didn’t know they knew each other.


There were dating rumors but they quashed those. I guess they hang out regularly. They probably swap strategies to sell provacative books to silly plebs. Lol


At least Maher makes me laugh lol. I haven’t come around to the disrespect the armed forces at every chance thing yet. Humor not quite dark enough


Considering she’s a political analyst… have you even considered she was talking about GHWB’s political tenacity? Especially when saying Trump is even weaker as he caves politically on the shutdown.

Not even a fan of her, but I don’t think serving in the military means you can’t ever be criticized for jobs hold afterwards.

Mr. “Read my lips, no new taxes.”… and then there were new taxes. Not a guy known for getting his way politically.



Why you hate America, bro?


Her being a political analyst is why there’s no excuse for such an uneducated statement. In any event, how in God’s name does any definition of wimp make this the turning point for Trump being the bigger wimp?

She is not the entirety of the criticism that is being thrown at HW as a result of her words.

Fwiw, I think it’s generally a disgusting thing to tarish the name of a dead guy for no reason, regardless of his service record


Should she have used the phrase “worst negotiator since GHWB”? Is it just the “wimp” word that you’re hung up on?

Guy got steam rolled by dems more often than not.


Oh I don’t think she should use any words. Shes a vile enough human being I rather dislike her face even at this point.

Coulda been worse, he coulda got steam rolled by bone spurs


We ended up with a budget surplus during the Clinton years largely because of the deal(s) he made with a democratically controlled Congress.

All the stuff with Gorbachev.

Getting Iraq out of Kuwait.

He got his way politically quite a bit.


She looks like a trans man ravaged by AIDS.


What a wimp. Doesn’t he know a real president openly doesn’t care about the budget because it’ll be someone else’s problem?




He said he’d default and get a better deal right? Maybe that’s why Mexico isn’t paying


She mocked soldiers at the early stages of the Iraq war. That was well before Trump was president.