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Trump: The Third Year


Substitute “almost/in-the-neighborhood-of socialism” and “almost/in-the-neighborhood-of capitalism,” if you wish. Compare and contrast results.

(I’m done comparing “socialism” and “libertarianism,” since to do so conflates economic/political theory and purely-political theory.)


Capitalism != Libertarianism (by a country mile)

Agreed. Same here. Have a good one


Ann Coulter is like the girlfriend/wife who badgers the man to protect her honor against the 3 dudes making suggestive comments.

Instead of shutting them down verbally or walking away, she loudly proclaims
“Are you going to let them talk to me that way?”


I know you don’t like me very much, but damn do I enjoy your analogies. Much like @SkyzykS


They’re pretty closely related. Libertarianism is a political theory concerned solely(SOLELY) with the proper use of force. A libertarian need only believe that the use of force against a person or his property is justified only in defense or retaliation.


We’ll have to agree to disagree lol. Good chat. Have a good one



Don’t you guys know that landing high-powered aircraft on a dime…on what amounts to a moving parking lot…after eluding and shooting at Japanese Zero’s, with Pilot’s vowed to die to the death…is a LOT more wimpy than pussy grabbing…



I doubt any man has made suggestive comments towards her or even had suggestive thoughts about her.


It’s an ideology, not a theory.


Coulter is a troll and a novelty act.


Or philosophy-sorry. Posting from a phone while doing other things.


Ann Coulter is one of the very few “pundits” that I actively wish ill-will upon. I am not happy that she is suddenly relevant again.


This is the thing that gets me every time. It’s not a one-way street, and never has been. Examination of practically any era of history reveals this.


I really, really hate her. She’s always been divisive (think of the marketing idea that if 50% of the people hate you, the other 50% will love you), but somewhere along the crazy train she went full retard. Years and years ago I used to think that she was just doing it for shock value ala Howard Stern, now it seems she’s just running for the gutter


Wow guys! That’s a little dark. Even as a liberal I don’t "hate"her , I just think she’s wrong. Actually she makes me laugh sometime because deep down I really think she is just doing an act to make money. Just my 2 cents. Hate on if you like.



I think a big part of her schtick is to sell her book(s?) and her other stuff. She’s a hack, but agree she doesn’t deserve ill will for being a fucktard.


Isnt she also an anti vaxxer?


I don’t know, wouldn’t surprise.


If she is, her schtick involves fear mongering a downward use of science to get parents to act against the best interests of their children and society.

I think anti vaxxers deserve every ounce of Ill will society can muster

Edit: I may be wrong. Google not showing me a lot of anti vaxxer out of Ann Coulter. Maybe there’s Hope for skeletor yet