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Trump: The Third Year


I’m not denying that you can find an economist that supports the “social safety net,” but which basic economic principle supports it?


Those were tests by teams of TSA employees who know how TSA operates. Of course they could figure out how to beat security measures they had a part in creating.


Yes, like both. And the tens of thousands more that work every day. Fucking duh.

LOL. Not gonna bother here

The basic concept that societal factors drive economic success just as much as economic success drives societal factors.


Dude, yes. The market can develop something like the iPhone, but it can’t be trusted to do the important things like banning interracial marriage.


Good thing the entire mobile infrastructure didn’t require MASSIVE govt intervention to even get briefcase phones.


Or end slavery.


The principle that says pure-cost benefit doesn’t and hasn’t ever driven 100% of economic decision-making. For the bulk of the industrial and post-industrial era, individuals - via religious teaching, personal philosophy, credo, etc. - took great pride in self-reliance, meaning that despite the availability of welfare benefits, these individuals were internally motivated to not accept welfare for very long out of a sense of pride and independence, even though cost-benefit suggested maybe they should.


That would depend on how you define libertarian/ancap. The early US government is a copy paste of John Locke’s ideals. as is the libertarian platform.

Are you contending government was more obtrusive and larger before 1913?


Horseshit. In the era you describe as libertarian, you had, as examples:

-Tons more people graduating from land-grant colleges
-The rise and growing enforcement of antitrust laws (Sherman Act, Clayton, etc.)
-Passage of Interstate Commerce Act
-The tariff of 1890
-Expansion of silver coinage through government policy



Great then. So if a reasonable libertarian says that the government should be smaller than it is now, in incrementalist steps… when the US existed and thrived with less before… is this some how incongruous?

Nobody actually running for office is advocating burning it all down.

Full disclosure: not a libertarian. Several ideas I think are asinine. Like open borders, while welfare state exist.


Can a govt be called libertarian if it allowed and encouraged the owning of human beings…?

No, but if the question is name a libertarian society that worked to prove it’s not more than a paper based concept like socialism, your answer of the northern USA pre 1913 is patently incorrect.


He was just another coffee boy. How many of them have been indicted now? I’ve lost count.


That’s more a Libertarian(that is, kinda Dem/kinda Rep) idea. Small-L libertarianism embraces borders.

Are you sure you mean “socialism” and not “communism?”


Communism (in it’s actual form) is another on the list of societal concepts from the world of paper.


And the genocide of another race of human beings? It all depends on how you define human being.


Socialism, by some definitions, has definitely been tried. I guess you would have to give your definition for us to determine whether that has been tried.


Then it’s always going to be golden. Anarchotopia can’t fail if no one has ever tried it in the past nor will try it in the future. It’s just a golden lottery ticket the believers won’t cash in.


Ann Coulter: “Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States.”

The president who died less than two months ago? The one who almost died multiple times in service as he flew over 50 combat missions? That decorated veteran is who we’re talking about Ann?

Fucking skeletor looking thundercunt.


I mean, a compelling case could be made that he was a wimp. First, he served. A real alpha male would have summoned the courage to fake a medical deferement.

Second, he was shot down much like that another fake war hero John McCain. Total losers, being shot down. Chilling in a dinghy in the Pacific while your radio operator is being eaten alive by the Japanese? That’s the very definition of low energy.

And finally, being married to the same woman for seventy years. That’s so beta. You can’t be an alpha with zero pornstars banged.


Socialism, by it’s true definition, has definitely never been tried. Just like communism and libtertarianism.

None of them can actually exist in the wild, as they don’t account for human nature or the existence of other societies.