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Trump: The Third Year


It’s clear comprehending a snarky comment done in sarcasm is beyond your reach. Have a good one.


You’re going to take this the wrong way, and I apologize in advance that you do, but you chronically misunderstand the basic point of a post and you’re doing it now. Nowhere is what I say a defense that ATC should be public or private or mixed.

ATC is currently public, whether that’s good, bad, or indifferent. Because of the shutdown, ATC is suffering, which causes trouble and heightens the risk of an accident.

Nick, anti-government airhead, above cheers on the government shutdown and points out it’s a cost-free, risk-free exercise and isn’t it wonderful that Big Bad Government can’t function to screw up everyone’s lives - the Libertarian Ideology on full blast.

I point out that the shutdown isn’t cost-free or risk-free - and ATC is the prime example - and cheering the government being offline is dumb and dangerous.

Bottom line? The government performs a number of important functions, and you’re an idiot if you think it not being able to perform those functions is a good thing.

No it isn’t, that’s nonsense. But it’s irrelevant to the point, in any event.


I did that? I said it’s “cost-free” and “risk-free,” or something approximating that?


Has Trump mentioned he doesn’t know Roger Stone yet?

“Roger Stone? Never heard of him. Don’t recall meeting him. I did have a rock once though.”


How did you make this determination?

Maybe. Might be difficult to communicate with people there. May be difficult to defend yourself from “cultural differences.” Might be extremely difficult and/or cost prohibitive to re-enter the U.S. to visit family. May have to deal with the U.S. Government again if you start trying to reform your new home by killing natives(assuming you brought along enough people to do so).

And here we are at the gist of the post: The government is responsible for all good. Not all governments, but definitely this one.

How would that be done?


Breaking news, 8 hours after his buddy stone is announced, Trump bitches out of the shutdown.

Go figure, he didn’t care about the wall nearly as much as he cares about shifting the public’s gaze


I should have said didn’t do anything about what they believed in. Unless you count typing on a gambling message board.

So it’s not that important to them then. Everything horrible and wrong in the world was the result of a large government (mainly the U.S.). It’s not like they had to deal with it. The U.S. is a small part of the globe.

I didn’t say that nor do I think it. The comforts provided in part by the relationship between government and individuals in this country was clearly providing a better living experience than these people could have had by living somewhere with less government in their lives. Again you can live basically government free or at least with a drastically smaller government if you truly want to.

But again typing about living without government on your high speed internet beats going to do something about it.


A significant portion of the population of central African states (DRC, CAR for example) have very little contact with representatives of their government, pay almost no taxes and are practically all self-employed entrepreneurs.

A dream come true.


It’s a good thing we waited 35 days so a bipartisan team can discuss this together.


No reason to flee the U.S. for war. It’s come here twice(civil/secession/revolutionary-type), and almost certainly will again.


I sure am glad Donald Trump is providing all Americans the best experience they could have.


Is this a serious comment?

“I didn’t say that, nor do I think it. Let me say it again, with different words.”


The big hole in this plot is that all of these great companies would just do the right thing without the presence of a government to keep them in line.

They dont even do that now!


GWB actually when this was being discussed.


Did I miss something? Plenty of places to live that aren’t the United States right? Maybe my globe is broke but it seems like a lot of it isn’t water and doesn’t say USA.

Still no. I never said government is the reason for internet, pizza, or air conditioning. The relationship between individuals and the American government have clearly provided a living experience for a lot of people that is not worth leaving. Even when those people spend all day and night crying about how horrible government is.

Like loppar said options are out there. It’s really just a simple observation. It’s not like alternatives don’t exist.

I always read the anarcho posts as:

"The United States is a horrific place to live with a stifling government that makes my life miserable in every way.

Go somewhere else? Yeah right."


Maybe it’s purely anecdotal, but I’ve never heard of anarcho types that actually live in the parts of the world that fit their world view.

Awfully coincidental.


Bizarrely, it seems that the Koch brothers through Cato Institute run a think thank dedicated to spreading libertarianism in Africa. It seems that most of the staff reside in the US.


Famous philosopher Doc Holliday:

“My hypocrisy knows no bounds…”


That is bizarre. I’m no fan of the Kochs. I bet there are some other Americans trying to provide aid to Africans without moving there, though. Who knew you actually had to live somewhere to make any attempt to help people who do?


Soros lives in the US, while spending billions trying to bring down borders and governments across the globe. So there’s that.