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Trump: The Third Year


Could you expound, l don’t follow.


The Kurds. BTW, Kurds are still fighting the “defeated” ISIS and regularly post photos of captured ISIS terrorists.

Those two pieces of shit in the middle of the upper row - the black and the white dude - are US citizens. The other white dude is German.

That’s why it’s more prudent to kill the in Syria. No country can seal themselves off completely and it’s better if they’re being killed off in the deserts of eastern Syria that knifing people in shopping malls in Middle America.


Agreed, but the quantity to be dispatched is bloody endless, and even doing so they are still routinely murdering people in western countries.

Hard to see an end in sight no matter what we do.


Yes, but there’s less of them. One terrorist killed in Syria means one less POS stabbing people in a Christmas market.


The Kurds were who l thought he was referring to also.
You and talked about this a couple of years ago.

Syria is the the closest (and much more convoluted) than Vietnam was. Multiple civil wars within a civil war, and fueled by fighting/materiel proxy activity by superpowers.
Byzantine, no? :unamused:


I wonder, to be honest. We hold their passports for goodness sake. Let them go off and eat a drone somewhere.

Every UK citizen who burns their passports and fights for ISIS should live with the consequences of that decision.

For instance:


Does anyone know the pay period for when Mexico gets paid so the shutdown will end? Giving the start date of the shutdown I’m assuming Mexico gets paid around the end of January? Does anyone know if that is correct? Do they get direct deposit or will we need to wait on them to cash a check?


What’s mind boggling is that on the campaign trail they presented a very detailed (and arguably insane) plan on how to make Mexico pay for the wall in three days.


Anyone else think it’s silly when a non Christian runs for POTUS? Not that they shouldn’t be allowed to or anything, but they do take in massive campaign contributions to spend on frivilouswhatever that doesn’t need to be blown.

Is it worth for the long term that it would eventually be possible?


I mean, Obama managed it.



Double Ziiing!!!


True story, I was thinking about editing my post to add just that.


3 (Jefferson) was not a Christian, believe it or not (some scholars speculate Washington as well given his predilections toward Stoic natural religion and Deism).



Even worse he was a Kenyan born moo-slim…


Love this clip because the journalist is trying to reel him back in lol.


I’m sorry, but I just about spat out my coffee at this. Do you have a source for this number?

Given that a) that’s more people than watched the Super Bowl (worldwide), b) nearly half the size of the entire US population and c) none of the other numbers I have seen about his listenership are within miles of that, Imma take “150 million downloads per episode” with about 150 million grains of salt.

Are you sure you didn’t mean 150 THOUSAND per episode? That seems a lot closer to the numbers reported here:

In which case, this example goes the opposite direction of the point you were trying to make. No doubt it’s still a very successful podcast, but that isn’t anywhere near the number of people watching any major news network on a given day.


This is from JRE 2013 which goes up to episode 435. His last episode was 1222. Doing a little digging I see in Feb 2017 he had 66.5 million podcast listens and 23.5 million youtube views. Considering he’s probably doing 2-3 episodes a week, that’s close to ~8M per episode. While definitely not the 150M number floated above, he’s arguably above what most prime time shows would want to be at. I think the top prime time shows get 2 million or so.


I stand corrected(ish). Thanks for the info.

The “150 million per episode” number just seemed insane. Given the numbers you report here, 8 million per episode sounds more realistic.


Yeah, I definitely misspoke, I have heard 150 million a month, which some of his guests are far more interesting than others so I’m sure some episodes get the lion’s share of downloads for the month. But in crafting a reply to your post I couldn’t find anything better than wikipedia or an internet forum to link to, it’s strange that a concrete number is so hard to find, but I am at work and someone with better googlefu than me may be able to find something.

But the link you posted is referring to views on YouTube. Most of his podcasts are just two people talking, occasionally a guest brings in a slide show, but I’m not going to watch two people talk into a microphone. I’m surprised that many people are watching, as opposed to listening.


Eh, sometimes I use YouTube as a way to just “listen” to something. Not really out of any specific reason.

Anyways, back to the original point: JRE is close to or maybe even a little larger than the exposure one gets on a single MSM news station these days, but not dwarfing their numbers.

As for the larger point, I think it’s fairly self-evident that the news channels exist (and turn profits) based on their ratings, which in turn inspire ad buys. Producing “fair and unbiased” content is only useful to them if that draws more eyeballs. It’s an entertainment business, sadly.