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Trump: The Third Year


I am one of the low % of PL’s in this mess. Which is somewhat disconcerting for the health of the public fisc. I am not highly employed, and the lower limit to start paying is 16k p/a.


US higher education socialism passed European socialism in the fast lane man.

In Germany if you’re not smart you generally can’t get into most programs, and if you are smart enough you can get a PhD almost debt free.

In the US anyone can find a college to accept them and the loan officers at the school are more than happy to get you that sweet government money (for their school of course). The debt can NEVER be forgiven and is underwritten by the taxpayer (but the banks connected to the right legislators earn the interest risk free!).

In the US the inflation rate for higher ed is insane. The colleges add extra departments just to fleece more students and taxpayers and get that sweet free gubmint money.


This always struck me as the height of insanity. That must have an oppressive effect on youth enterprise and business risk taking.


Dude, I know. I have a PhD. If I had lived (or had continued to live to be precise) in the US I probably wouldn’t even attend college - I simply refuse to subscribe to the concept where I’m supposed to spend the next few decades after graduation paying off my education.


I warned a friend of mine (who had a job waiting in the legal profession regardless) to not undertake 100k debt, and take the free state college course. I was baffled by his insistence on going, even if it was a great school (Georgetown)


Read the tweets for a bitof ironic humor.


Yeah, @treco…but he IS wearing some sweet, classic Ray Ban Wayfarers! LOL!

Man! Acosta needs to Bow Down to Trump; move to FOX; and call it a day…!


Watch out flirting with dark side… it’ll drag you in.


That sounds like capitalism, not socialism.


Yeah especially the part where the government interferes in markets and increases the demand (but not the supply) for a product by inventing money out of thin air.

Then the government allows private companies to earn interest on those same people while guaranteeing their investments in literally the
Some of the worst credit risks ever.

Capitalism for sure.


Those people you speak of would call themselves capitalists.


You just have to think of the govt as a megagiant industry disrupting competitor. Every society in history has had one


Like it or not, these are excellent numbers for Trump.


With guns! And compulsion! It’s the competitor that you can’t refuse to do business with.


Exactly. And nobody has ever gone to market ignorant of this competitor. Worst case they just underestimated/failed to predict it


Good thing Donald, Mitch and Nancy are in charge. Very stable geniuses, easy to predict.


Rest of wall street seems to be doing alright with it. As did the 99% of other businesses the bad govt couldn’t take down. And hell, the disruption America sees is borderline record breaking low compared to the rest of the planet.

I think of them as a litmus test. You’ve gotta be this smart to ride this ride (replace smart with lucky/infuential/etc)


Finance always thrives. Try and tackle wallstreet in earnest and you will fail. Those are some deep pockets.


The golden rule - those with the gold, make the rule.


They forgot Putin (100% for) and Turkey (100%for) in the Poll.

(It helps to know the “pulse” of the main players, right?)

And let’s not forget Iran (100%)… because an American withdrawal would provide the Iranians with the operational space to expand their growing network of Shiite foreign fighters. (Did I get all of the main players, @loppar?)

Look, guys; I don’t think us dying in the M.E. changes this Hell Whole much; but an abrupt withdrawal; leaving peoples who died for us and our cause to most certainly be slaughtered; just seems wrong.

Hey…but it’s a “win” for Trump, right?