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Trump: The Third Year


Gotcha. Have a good one


Not as many as you would think. Not all of us are on food stamps or get other govt benefits but many of us have jobs where we deal with people (children) who do.


This is probably a “DUH” statement for most on this particular Forum;

But I was surprised that in many people’s (ignorant) minds; “Federal Worker” was some bureaucrat in a large stone building; in and around Washington; who hassled you about your taxes or who did who-knows-what as part of the “Deep State”.

Many many eyes are being opened…red state of blue…GOP or Dem…


That’s surprisingly stupid. Even for Americans. We just had a shutdown in '13

Derps gonna derp


Amazing so, @pfury.

And the ignorance has been fueled by the ignorant.


“Meeting” with the DEMS:

Trump: "Nancy…are you going to fund “my” Wall?

Pelosi: No…

Trump: Walks out of meeting

I wish all Federal Employees good luck…I really do…


Let’s hope both have the courage of their convictions!


I think they have neither one nor the other.



It’s easy to be “tough” and “hold your ground” when you are not facing mortgages; health care premiums; home and car repairs; groceries; sick kids…and just real Life…


In Trump’s defense, he has zero context in his entire life for what that actually feels/looks like.


What’s the cost of a gallon of milk?

Meh. Guaranteed job for life, no layoffs in downturns, zero competition or chance the company goes out of business. Some of the most generous retirement plans and benefits going. Seems like it’s worth all the extras for the extremely rare and short lived furloughs.


I believe he said he knows that they are going through didn’t he?

The reality show of the President is hilarious.


Buck 99. I go through like 5 gallons of week at my house

Blew my mind last time when I had to show my ID though

Iirc the total drop in headcount post 07 (that may exist to date?) was measured in the hundreds of thousands


Was that layoffs or not back filling retirees to reduce headcount? IIRC an absolute fuckton of federal people retire every year.

That was Herman Cain’s balance the budget proposal back when. Just don’t backfill retirees for 2 years and the budget is balanced.


Seemed to be layoffs

Anecdotally, with a number of relatives of mine being govt employees (mom even works for the local govt), the idea of govt jobs being recession proof is patently false with no basis in anything beyond Facebook memes.

Hell, my mom had to lay off 20% of her building a few years back when a levy didn’t pass.


If you look at the graphs from the Fed federal employment and total government employment headcount is very stable compared to private employment when recessions hit. You can’t even see a dip in total government employment for the great recession.


You can’t?

And this is with the context of an increased federal budget YoY, with a slight temporary dip post crash.

Not saying job security isn’t better than the private sector, but absolutely in no way recession proof.


Why doesn’t Trump just go ahead and shoot that person in the middle of Time Square in order to prove his point?

He doesn’t have to.


If he’s anything like Cheney nobody in Times Square is safe!


I still want Cheney level power one day. That’s real power. The power to shoot your friend IN THE FACE and the story ends with him on national TV APOLOGIZING TO THE GUY WHO SHOT HIM IN THE FACE