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Trump: The Third Year


That’s a good one!

I was watching it with my wife and we were laughing about getting mean mugged by a corpse. :crazy_face:



(I’ll give it all more serious thought once I get some sleep…and get Herman and Lilly out of my head!)


Here goes.

Trump has never been, and never will be, either a negotiator or a compromiser. His modus operandi is to bully his may through to get whatever he wants come Hell or High Water.

And right now, he wants to “feed the Beast” (and himself) by giving it it’s Wall.

Our division of government…separation of equal powers…checks and balances…whether you like it or not…does not work that way.

And let’s stop the Bullshit that Trump’s greatest asset is that he “keeps his Word”. Ask ex-spouses, Atlantic City or any number of people hurt by him when he either 1) badly wants something and/or 2) doesn’t get his way. He “keeps his Word” as long as it gets him what he wants.

Will he negotiate in good faith in this case? Will the Dems?

I have no idea whatsoever.


The same is true of EU plastics disposal. We forego cleaner methods at home for dirt cheap (and horrifically bad for the environment) disposal in China/India. I’m pretty sure I saw some of my own yogurt tubs floating in the Yangtze river.


I don’t know if it’s tribalism. I think you have the tribe of Trump vs everyone else as not even Republicans want a wall.


All signs point to no. Nor can they, to be honest.


The thing is, no one took it seriously enough to figure out how to get a chunk of that 5 billion for themselves.

If they had, everybody would be for the biggest most wally Wall you can imagine.

That’s a lot of money. Contacts need to be made. Appointments to boards need to be promised and whatnot.


Voters or pols?
Please show your sourcing.


New phone, and I haven’t figured out how to quote, but you’re making a lot of assertions and assumptions not based on reality.

Joe Rogan, with his 150 million downloads, isn’t even in the top 3 podcasts. The podcast Serial, which has the record at 340 million downloads for one episode, is long form investigative journalism. Is it the length of Podcast you’re referring to? I listen to a hunting podcast (Meateater) that runs 2+ hours that I’m willing to bet gets more listeners than the average news broadcast.

So instead of assertions, how about you offer an actual fact? How about the number of viewers of the average nightly news broadcast? I’ll give you one, the average age is 65+ and going up every year. Hence all of the advertising by big pharma, and hence the MSM’s continued, though dwindling profits. Who’s going to be watching in 20 years?


Most of the Google friendly sources I see on the matter put him at number 2/3, but I guess the exact ranking doesn’t really matter. Him being an extreme outlier isn’t really possible to dispute.

Apple confirms over half a million unique podcast shows in their environment alone.

Either he’s an extreme outlier, or humans invented a 90 hour day to have enough time to listen and nobody told me.

It is. Given podcasts typically require the listener to pay closer attention than they would to say, music, you’re fighting for a finite amount of time.

The longer the podcast the more ‘market share’ you’re taking up with the listeners free time.

Human beings have a finite amount of free time to dedicate to consuming entertainment

The more market share you are required to devote to X long podcast, the less you will have time for when it comes to hearing conflicting views, which inevitably results in an increased chance of echo chamber news



It’s like counting man/hrs. 7 billion people per hr.= 7 billion hrs/hr.

Fucking crazy how quick they add up.


Both? Pols is obvious or at least didn’t think it needed to be included in the last CR. Public polling on the wall is all over the place (you can do your own googling) but I don’t think any poll I’m aware of has it at over 45% for the wall. I thought I remembered the high polling being 43%. The question changes when you ask if people want to give the money for the border wall in order to end the shutdown. That’s higher as to be expected.

As for Republicans themselves I’m not sure a ton of data would exist breaking it down by party but I’d be beyond shocked if support among Republicans wasn’t much higher.

Even Trump probably wouldn’t give a shit if the Limbaughs and Hannity’s weren’t dogging him on it. It’s why he reversed his stance in the first place. He simply changes to whatever shiny ball they put in front of him. If they were hammering him over health care he’d look at that more.

Now if we really want to find a collection of mouth breathing morons we need to see a poll that shows how many people think Mexico is paying for the wall.


Thanks for posting articles with data. According to your link the average time is 43 minutes, or 53 if you average the top 400 rated podcasts. But you hyperbole a bit too much.

I would rank an extreme outlier as 1/1000, or more. But within the top 400 podcasts there are many long podcasts. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is 3-4 hours, and there are many that fall into the 90-120 minute mark, like Marc Maron’s and Tim Ferris’s, and many that often run 120+ like Meateater, Jocko podcast and The Church of What’s happening now. And I’m not even checking the run times, because these are ones I actually listen to occasionally, so I know that bit of information. I have no doubt that there are many more that as long or longer that I haven’t discovered.

I did a quick google search for long podcasts and found one called Those Conspiracy Guys which one of the first episodes that pops up in their feed is 424 minutes long. So, extreme outlier?

Not even sure what you’re trying to argue at this point. Your 90 hour day comment is just bizarre. Old people watch the nightly news when they’re sitting down to eat dinner, in other words, when they’re doing something else. People listen to podcasts when they’re driving to work, or cleaning the house, or taking the dog for a walk, or a myriad of other daily activities. They don’t have to stop everything else to listen to a podcast. Don’t need 90 hours.

The Mainstream Media’s idea of a long form discussion is 6 assholes interrupting each other for 3 minutes, or getting interrupted by Bill O’Reilly or Rachel Maddow or another of their ilk. Podcasts have blown that model out of the water, and the corrupt heads of the Corporate Media Conglomerates were and are clueless at what people actually want. Their model is dying. That’s my point. Your point is…Joe Rogan is destroying democracy by taking too much of people’s time…I guess. There’s not much else for me to say at this point, you have a nice day.


I don’t think it was very hyperbole personally, but happy to agree to disagree.

I wasn’t able to find the standard deviation of the podcast length, but that’s how I’d go about it.

I’m alright admitting I don’t know to what extent it’s an extreme outlier, but it’s not mathematically possible for a 3hr+ podcast to be less than 5-6 STDs from the mean.

5 stds would mean it’s longer than 99.99999% of all podcasts

Absolutely, yeah.

I wasn’t. You were the one that took issue with my lack of facts. I was just pointing out that extremely long podcasts that are successful are the exception, not the rule.

It was mostly sarcasm.

Really abysmally shitty guesser.

You too lol.


581 lean gop , 74% favor in 2 year old poll
797 lean dem
150ish no leaning shown
And House voted $6BB in Dec, so l don’t understand your even gop doesn’t want it statement.


I meant they didn’t have the 5 billion on the last CR.

I think if Trump wasn’t the President it would hardly be something they cared about. To a person alone in a room my guess would be most GOP politicans either oppose or don’t feel strongly about funding for one.

But who knows the party really cared about healthcare for 8 years and then once they had all the power didn’t give a shit anymore about making all the changes they said they would.


I think trecos source is an amazing example of why no Dem in Congress should even consider voting yes on any package with wall funding.

I’d bet we’d have to fight tooth and nail to find another issue with such overwhelming Dem dislike.

Dems agree with outlawing abortion more than they do with the wall, and that says a lot


How many would prefer to not build the wall and expand the shutdown?


If the shutdown ending is conditional upon wall funding, is a vote against the wall not the same thing as extending the shutdown?

Obviously that wouldn’t apply to old poles, as I seriously doubt most respondents thought Trump would shut the govt down indefinitely over this.


I believe you misread my post.