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Trump: The Second Year


Alright, nevermind ha.


Obviously the world’s most inept secret cabal as their evil plans are consistently being thwarted.


I’ll take a crack at it.

I think the hysteria over entire rogue intelligence agencies destabilizing their own country is silly.

I do believe there are groups and power structures in every society that ‘actually’ control the important things, or at least have great influence. I’m not talking about lizard people or illuminati. But there’s a reason out of 325 million people they tried to ram bush/clinton/bush/clinton down our throats.

I actually think that for average schmucks that follow the news like us, we’ll never truly know 1/10th of what actually goes on behind closed doors at the top levels of government and business. Even with leaks and social media starting to pull the curtain back they’ll just get smarter.

So I don’t worry about it. Could be worse, we could be stuck in China or Russia where you get accidentally dead or disappeared if you step out of line.


This right here is pretty much my belief of “deep state.” The Bilderberg stuff intrigues me, though.


I’d like to say so, but I don’t have any confidence that they’ll do something well so…maybe I’m ok with them doing nothing


Yep, like Hollywood stuff.

Incidentally, also a big reason we get a lot of that “deep state” thing IMHO…one too many Enemy of the State/Minority Report/National Treasure/Jason Bourne movies made.


The Bilderberg stuff intrigues me, though.

While I don’t believe leaders get their “working orders” from these big groups, they do help them be all on the same page… and don’t let the regular people know what that is. As an American I believe our leaders serve us and we are owed transparency.



I’m with you on this definition, and can agree that they exist.

What I DON’T buy is some large group of embedded; always liberal/Democratic operatives; working secretly and covertly; using the full force of the American Government; to overthrow Trump and/or sabotage his overall Agenda and will of the American people. (This is the best way I can interpret people like Hannity, and those who believe the same dribble).

At the same time; I am not naive enough to believe that there are not Powerful people in this World who have great influence over our Lives.

So; I’m with you on your definition.


Deep state? It was all about deep pockets.


In other words, corporations that operate right in front of us.


How much of that deep state crap is connected to the Jews? It’s just the Protocols all over again.


I would love to get @Jewbacca take on this…but it appears that a lot of the “National/International” conspiracy/taking-over-controlling the World" stuff will have a heavy dose of subtle (and not so subtle) anti-antisemitism mixed in.

@Jewbacca…being both Jewish and Conservative; how do you personally view this stuff? (…and no…I do not expect @Jewbacca to be speaking for all Conservative, Jewish people; but as always, am asking for his personal insights…)