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Trump: The Second Year


I would agree.

How much respect is really derived from a Trump pardon? Your company includes a birther and admitted felon, a guy who commit bank fraud, and a guy who took pictures of classified shit with his cell phone. That’s ignoring how it will be forever tainted by nature of Trump dropping it at a time that has fueled more speculation as to its true purpose than the actual charges.

Shit I even had to look up those other 2 non mouth breather guys. In the real world with real people his company is currently going to be exclusively an admitted felon who skirted the law by nature of supporting the guy who won the election.

Is his reputation in any way restored? Is he actually more honored? Hell is a pardon even a distinguished honor when the very nature is admitting the government (executive branch) failed at fairness and equality?


We experience the daily trickle of more information, but mostly speculation on the same topics… A bunch of opinions about something or other…

And this is why I’ve all but stopped following the daily political news. There’s very little any of us can do about any of it.

I’m a lot happier, BTW.


I’d bet this would apply to nearly all news sources. Shits so depressing these days.

I’ve been saying it for years. Ignorance is bliss (and I like it that way).


Who’s the Grimiest? Ghostface Killa, James Comey, Method Man?

How am I supposed to dislike Comey now?!


By blinding accepting big Don’s opinion of him. Just ignore both of their histories and any known elements to the entire situation.



Oh, man, I feel like someone pointed out this was going to happen…

Now we wait…


Here’s the odd thing about that case for me. Why would you emigrate in 1992 and never bother getting your citizenship? He’s been here 26 years.

Also the law could be fixed by either defining “violent”, or listing out offenses which would merit deportation.


Meh, I actually know two guys that didn’t get their citizenship until their mid-20s that lived here most of their life.


Given he was appointed by Trump himself, what’s the over under on who gets blamed?

I’m thinking 60/40 in favor of FakeNews with the underdog being Congress being shitty for a vague law


My guess, he’ll give him the name “Gorsucks” and blame Congress for approving the nomination.


You have a gift, sir.


I believe that now makes @usmccds423 eligible for the presidency. You clear the creates-quippy-nicknames-on-the-fly requirement and you’re in.


Unfortunately for him, he elected to serve his country rather than take 38 deferments for ingrown toenails, so he’s out.


I’m happy with it…but kinda wish it could have been the Internet sales tax decision instead


“Sure, Trump is a maniac and completely unqualified and not even an actual Republican in thought or practice, but as long as we get a Gorsuch on SCOTUS it was worth the vote!!1!!”

It rings in my ears, over and over.


Well, while this makes it 5% more difficult to deport violent illegals, his argument is about the rule of law and how it is written. He isn’t legislating from the bench or citing how the law should be. He’s saying it can’t be enforced as written.

I dare say that sounds like an originalist, conservative judge. He didn’t sign on to the rest of the liberal descent.

Nation of laws, not of men and all that.


Exactly. What I think you’re missing, because you missed out on how fun PWI was 1-2 years ago (iirc), is that many of us knew (paraphrasing) “I’ll nominate the most conservative judges. The most originalist judges,” was likely just talking, he doesn’t really understand what that means, and/or it would almost immediately bite Trump in butt resulting in more liberal judges being appointed in the future. Now we wait and see if the latter is accurate.

From what I’ve read, I’m perfectly happy with the ruling and Gorsuch’s stance. I don’t want bench legislation. It should be on Congress to fix the law. That’s a win for me and, in my humble crow eating opinion, Gorsuch was a good pick for SCOTUS.

Blind squirrel and all that…


I was gonna say this, but you already said it better.


I wish. Unfortunately, I expect the internet sales tax to pass because heaven forbid states lose out on $$$. I’ll have to shut my tiny e-commerce store down if it passes. It’s hard enough to sell products with the astronomical shipping rates I’m forced to use. Sales tax just makes it worse.


Dude, just change the name of your business to ‘Amazzon,’ and piggyback off of Bezos’ deal. (My understanding is the USPS actually pays him to deliver Amazon’s packages.)