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Trump: The Second Year


Considering that what we know publicly is a mere fraction of what Mueller knows, and his moves so far (indictments, pleas), I’m pretty confident it’s going to hit Trump’s inner circle in the least.

I made a bet with Zeb1 months ago that Trump wouldn’t serve out his first term. I’m still feeling good about my wager.


You’re probably right; I just consider CA a massive tipping point.


Maybe. I don’t make predictions anymore. 2016/17 beat that lesson into me like a drum,


You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh. If Bannon breached an NDA/non-disparage, he is so fucked.

Even the Breitbart comment section is shredding him. I haven’t stopped laughing since the story dropped.

EDIT: Too good not to share:


It is my understanding that NDAs can’t/don’t cover Bannon’s time in the WH. He was a Federal employee then, not a Trump employee.


It’ll get tied up in court for years. While this is happening more and more states will legalize and by the time the Supreme court refuses to hear the case, it will be game over. That’s my prediction.


I don’t claim to be an expert. Maybe, maybe not.

EDIT: That is to say, despite my law degree, I don’t know the particulars of federal NDA’s. @thunderbolt23 Can you perhaps shed some light on it?


…and Frito-Lay is ECSTATIC!


I’m no expert either, but I do know that most confidentiality in federal government is handled by statute (making NDAs unnecessary for classified info and state secrets, etc.) and any personal NDAs would have to go through OPM, and I can’t imagine OPM would permit it since it silences a public employee’s right to free speech. And a personal NDA in a government capacity undermines public transparency. OPM wouldn’t countenance such a thing unless there was clear authorization to do it, and I don’t think there is.

Trump might be able to change that via executive order, no idea - but what does that tell you about an administration that has to lock its employees up with silence?

Edit: here’s an article hitting the same points:


Yeah I don’t feel that strongly but who knows. That said I’m going to be pissed if you lose and actually stop posting because we only have a handful of people who post in this forum and since Raj got banned Zepp is the only one left worth not having



“Sloppy Steve”???

Man…Bannon must feel like the woman who knew she was “the one”…only to find out that she was just a one-night Booty-Call…


Sarah Sanders suggested ‘Slovenly Steve,’ but Trump demurred because 1) he thought it sounded too “edumacated”; 2) he was unsure if he could spell it consistently; and 3) he didn’t know what slovenly meant.


Surprised you guys aren’t talking about Fire and Fury.


I thought we were.


Lol, guess I should read the thread more carefully…



Experience has taught me to be very wary of these “tell-all” books…especially if the author has a questionable record of being loose with the facts.

Yes…there can often be some truth…but I’m not going to take everything that is said as fact, because these things are notorious for feeding a person’s Wish Bias.


Without a doubt, I just figured it’d be a topic today (didn’t realize that’s what the tweet was about).


I am too, they usually come with an agenda. This one aligns fairly well with the person who ghost wrote Trump’s best-seller so it seems very plausible to me. Especially if he has recordings for the quotes being used.


Agree, Drew:

Some of these “tell-alls” will have a lot more truth than others; and this may be one of them.

I’m just cautious in my treatment of it as historical fact.