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Trump: The Second Year


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“We must maintain efforts to put our Nation on a fiscally sustainable course, and Federal agency budgets cannot sustain such increases,”


As some of you may remember, I was fascinated by the fact that Trump namedropped Montenegro, falsely claiming that tiny Montenegro could start WW3 by attacking Russia (!) and therefore the very idea behind NATO is dangerous.

How did Trump, who by all accounts have problems processing written information, manage to retain so much (so much for his standards) information about Montenegro? Well, the latest article from Time sheds even more light:

Montenegran relationship with Deripaska quickly soured in much the same way it began—over money. After years of disputes over unpaid debts, the Russian billionaire sued Montenegro in 2014 for seizing the aluminum plant he controlled. The country then sped up its plans to join the NATO military alliance and integrate with the West.

The Kremlin wasn’t pleased. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in 2014 it would be “irresponsible” and “even a provocation” for another Balkan state to become a NATO member. According to investigators in Montenegro, Russian agents soon began plotting to unseat the nation’s leaders and install a government more friendly to Moscow. By coincidence, the dispute came to a head in the fall of 2016, at the same time as the U.S. presidential race.

About three weeks before the American elections, the people of Montenegro were due to hold a pivotal vote of their own. Depending on the outcome, the government would either shepherd the country into the NATO alliance the following year, or a new set of leaders would take power, most of whom wanted to change course and develop closer ties with Russia.

According to three sources in this opposition movement, known in Montenegro as the Democratic Front, they were counting on help from an American lobbyist who had worked in their country before – and who happened to be fresh out of a job in Washington. His name was Paul Manafort.


FWIW, I’d imagine bump stocks were permissible because they do nothing to change the one round per trigger pull standard.


Fair play I suppose. But the entire rifle is rocking back and forth and the de facto function of the rifle is indestinguishable from a select fire rifle. The only difference going on inside the rifle when firing 5 rounds:

Select fire NFA: pull trigger once and hold, sear breaks once, 5 rounds go off in rapid succession.

Bump stock non NFA: pull trigger once and hold, sear breaks 5 times, 5 rounds go off in rapid succession.

Just a weird bit of law.

In PA a state cop forced a guy to disassemble a glock on the firing line (public range) to prove he didn’t modify it. I guess this genius bought a used glock and decided to polish the rust off the internals with some grinding compound and a dremel. It was firing two or three rounds per trigger pull.


For anyone unfamiliar.


There’s also this, for anyone wanting to inaccurately, but legally, waste money.


And kids from third work countries in one room schools are getting educated coming to American universities finding research positions and finding employment without problem. So more technology is not the answer or more money…

Even the best educational system in the world Sweden. The kids only go a half a day…


Wheres the Raj acolyte to bring up race and IQ lmao. “Twice as smart in half the time!”


Relevance to Trump year 2? Was Jose paying trump for sex? Or wrong thread?